Danger lurks beneath

The guys at the gas station warned us not to linger in International Falls Saturday morning, but to line up early for the bridge toll and border crossing. It seems this is the number one border crossing for all the midwest fishermen to take their boats up to fishing camps for the week. Sure enough, every other vehicle is a pickup towing a bass boat and there are hundreds of them.

We were dutifully in line by 07:30 a.m. and were first in line. The customs officer was courteous about gathering information from us regarding alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or gifts, where we are headed, how long we’ll stay, where we’re from, and when’s the last time we entered Canada. He knew some of the answers, we’re pretty sure, but must have wanted to see if we knew.

This interview went quickly, and he directed us to the inspection shed. Another officer told us to sit on the benches beside the trailer while they inspect in the trailer and truck. She entered the trailer, then another officer entered, then a third. We figured she liked it and wanted them to see what was so cool about our Airstream trailer, right?

International Falls to Kenora Ontario

The drive on Highway 502 from Fort Frances Ontario to Dryden is every bit as nice as the Blue Ridge Parkway or the Natchez Trace. We enjoyed tooling up this smooth and scenic road. The road was very busy with American fishermen speeding northward to fishing camps for the week. Saturdays are the change-over day, so we saw bunches of pickups trailering fishing boats heading south and heading north.

View from Bill’s and Donna’s dining room

We’re staying a couple of days with Bill and Donna on Blue Lake in northwestern Ontario. They have their summer house on the lake and have built themselves a great setup. Fabulously beautiful area, treed lot provides shade for the house. The water is super-clear, and so inviting. But we are hesitant about dangling our toes in this water — check out this recent video of Donna’s brother walking by his pier next door.

Jim and Debbie
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