Into Canada on our way to AK

Duluth to International Falls

Sometimes things go according to plan and sometimes they don’t. Our forwarded mail didn’t arrive yesterday but early this morning we received confirmation of the arrival at USPS Duluth. A quick trip to the post office and we returned to hitch up and pull out of Duluth.

Duluth took such a devastating hit from the flood rains Tuesday night. Our exit path was affected too. The highway department blocked access to US-2 westbound on the edge of town. We detoured and found another reach to the highway, connected to highway 53 north, and were off and running for the border.

Highway 53 is a beautiful and easy drive between Duluth and International Falls. Traffic was light, the skies were bright blue with lots of clouds all around. We pulled into International Falls and the campground is out of business. Okay, we’ll continue northbound on 53 into town.

A few blocks along we found Arnolds Campground and RV Resort, on the east side of 53. The driveway is narrow and a little unlikely looking but we coursed down from the street and took a site for the night.

Downtown, after unhitching the truck, we filled up with gas and looked for food. Our choices seemed chinese and italian, so we picked Giovannis. The decor couldn’t have looked less italian. The thin-crust pizza was pretty good.

International Falls is a pretty little town with a really big Boise Cascade paper plant. Downtown has a few businesses and restaurants, and some empty storefronts. Pretty parks, verdant green lawns, neat houses make the residential areas appear inviting.

A couple of Illinois fishermen at our gas station told us to cross the bridge and customs this evening instead of on a Saturday. But we already had paid for a site for the night, we told them. They said we needed to go as early as we could, certainly before 9 a.m. We’re taking their word for it. Every bit of advice we’ve received has been 24 carat gold and improved our journey vastly.

Saturday morning we’re off for Blue Lake Provincial Park, between Dryden and Kenora Ontario. See you on the other side!

Jim and Debbie
dreamstreamr odyssey, chasing 75 degrees

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