Duluth drainage disaster delays dreamstreamrs departure

156 miles from Porkies across Wisconsin to Duluth MN

Duluth MN was was going to be a simple mail, resupply, and banking stop for us. We had no idea what big news Duluth was making, nor the impact upon our plans. Sometimes we simply roll with it, show our flexibility, change our plans as needed. This may be one of those times.

Remember I mentioned yesterday what a big rain we had blow onto us from southwest Lake Superior? Guess where the rain had recently blown through before heading up to us — yep, Carroll and St Louis counties, Duluth Minnesota and just south of Duluth.

Turns out we arrived the day of the second worst flooding ever to have hit here, our banker told us. He also showed us pictures from his neighborhood and other parts of Duluth. Our rv park is across Grand Ave from the Duluth Zoo. Check out the news about the zoo’s barnyard stock (eleven lost to drowning), the escaped polar bear and two seals (all three swam their way out of the zoo).

This recent news from Washington Post has the best collection of photos.

Duluth’s aerial lift bridge

We visited Canal Park downtown yesterday after supper. We walked along Duluth Ship Canal, circled the lighthouse, and walked back to this great old aerial lift bridge spanning the canal since 1930. While there we watched a 700+ feet-long cargo ship enter the canal and pass under the bridge, tooting their big horn with a long-short-short. The bridge answered back the same signal, supposedly a hello from one to the other.

They sell rain gear, for pity’s sake

Our trip to Duluth Pack, an historic outfitter in business since 1880s, failed because they, like so many other Duluth businesses, were closed due to area rains and flooding. VisionWorks was cancelled, the mall had lost electrical power due to a substation washout. We did find the post office in good condition, but our forwarded mail packet has not arrived. If it isn’t here tomorrow morning we’ll delay departing.

Indian Point Campground is nice and not too wet

We’re fine, we’re dry, and our campsite is almost twenty feet above St Louis Bay. We have a nice view of the bay, watching the current push mud and debris toward Lake Superior. Our weather is mild and sunny through a lot of clouds. Barring much more rain and provided our mail arrives, we might get out of here tomorrow.

Jim and Debbie
dreamstreamr odyssey, chasing 75 degrees

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4 responses to “Duluth drainage disaster delays dreamstreamrs departure

  1. Richard Hunt

    We went to the early workers’ dinner (Subway) with Hugh and Jane and mentioned you were heading to Duluth, and they asked about the flooding. Now we know.

    • pretty amazing, Richard, the damage. Flowers stuck in the Zoo fence on Grand Av in memory of the drowned barnyard animals. Railroad tracks south of Grand Av washed out. Streets destroyed here and there throughout the city. They’re picking up the pieces. . .

  2. John Hilleman

    We stayed in that campground last summer. It had rained and they did not have any electricity when we arrived, but we got it later in the day. We enjoyed the bridge and shopping west of it. We enjoy reading your updates. We we in North Carolina last week on the way back from Florida and talked about you, but knew that you were on your way. We look forward to reading about your adventures. John and Janet

    • We’re eating breakfast by the lakeview window at Bill and Donna Nicol’s house overlooking a beautiful lake. A cool morning, 11 degrees, and super clear skies. Arrived yesterday, enjoying spending time with them.

      Indian Point Campground is a nice campground in a primo location for doing Duluth, and a little bit insulated from the city noises. Great trail surrounding the campground, and pretty campground with big trees, nice grass, good choice of sites, good showers. We would stay there again.

      Great to hear from you, wish we could have seen you in NC, hit some tennis balls together. Another time, we hope.

      Jim and Debbie

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