Munising and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Munising MI, on the southern edge of Lake Superior, is the western gateway to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and gateway to Grand Island National Recreation Area just 1/2 mile away. We stayed in Munising Tourist Park Campground two miles west of Munising. This campground has two personalities, the old section with sandy or grass sites and a very run-down bathhouse, and the new section with paved sites and a new bathhouse.

A nice 110 mile drive from Tahqua Falls to Munising

We stayed in a beachfront site and enjoyed sitting in view of Munising Bay where we caught the sunset picture we showed at yesterday’s post (the photo really is unaltered). The campground is ideally located for doing things in and around Munising. The campground is noisy because it is sited too close to the highway.

Our cruise ship — Miss Superior

Our first afternoon in Munising promised to be the prettiest so we hurried downtown to the Pictured Rocks cruise setup. The 2pm cruise was busy enough they ran two boats full with capacity of over 120 people each. Our seats were on the open air top deck.

How clear and green this water is!

One of the most striking things about Lake Superior is its superior clarity. Look how clear the water is! We found a similar condition at Lake Huron but Lake Superior seems clearer. Isn’t it sad how we become accustomed to littered shorelines and are surprised to find something so pristine? This was a very pleasant surprise for us along the Lake Huron and Lake Superior shorelines.

Colors from minerals leaching and running

Jim’s favorite feature on the Pictured Rocks cruise was this highly colored section of rock. The cruise narrator calls everyone’s attention to any rock formation that could look like anything familiar, like a chalice, a pirate’s face, an Indian’s head, battleship sterns, whatever. But the colored rocks? Very genuinely pretty.

We’re in front of Lover’s Leap

A fellow passenger took this picture for us on the return leg of the three hour tour. We were able to get some really neat pictures without renting a kayak and braving Lake Superior. This was pretty much a snoozer for us. It is a pretty long cruise for the benefit.

No matter where in life you go, what matters is with whom you go.

Jim and Debbie
dreamstreamr odyssey, chasing 75 degrees

P.S. This is our 300th post. Woohoo!

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2 responses to “Munising and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

  1. Richard Hunt

    We enjoyed the photo of you in front of Lover’s Leap and the capture of the colors from the minerals. This is an awesome world and we are glad you are getting to see and share so much of it with us.

    • Richard, It is a tough job. Bug bites, poison ivy, rain, hot sun, rough roads, you name it we weather it for you. We’re glad to be out here, we left FJ McLain SP and are heading into Porcupine Mountains State Park today.


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