Our Trailer Passes NC Emissions Tests

We couldn’t buy the truck’s annual registration yesterday. NC dept of motor vehicles told us the truck wasn’t inspected this year. Which was odd because Deb had just had it inspected one week earlier. The mechanic pledged it would be immediately into the state’s computer system. We waited a week in case the electrons took a circuitous route.

Returning to the mechanic, we told him our woeful tale, the DMV could not find the inspection. We gave him the DMV registration and off he went to look it up on his records. Five minutes later he returned and said he didn’t inspect it.

Debbie asserted, yes he did. She described the big red truck, I chimed in, “With N5RTG license plate”, and he brightened and said, “It had out of state tags!”. Debbie and I realized at the same time I had said the wrong plate, the truck’s tag is different entirely although NOT out of state.

But the mechanic’s memory was stirred by the N5RTG tag — now he remembered inspecting our truck but not with our license plate. He looked it up in the records with the N5RTG tag and found it immediately. He said, “you gave me the trailer’s registration, and I inspected and entered it into the DMV system with your trailer’s tag number.” He had entered it as out of state because the state’s computer wouldn’t accept a NC N5RTG license tag – probably because the computer recognized it was a trailer and couldn’t be inspected.

Then he told us to bring the truck back and let him inspect it. He would have to connect it to the computer and run it through the tests again so it would register properly in the state’s computers. In just a few minutes he finished, we returned to DMV and were able to register the truck for another year.

What a relief to know, though, our travel trailer passed all the required emissions tests for 2012-2013! Wonder how he connected the exhaust sensor to the black pipe?

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2 responses to “Our Trailer Passes NC Emissions Tests

  1. Richard Hunt

    I guess our Airstreams would fail the safety inspection — no seat belts. There might be an “airbag” on board, however. (It isn’t Julie.)

    • Seat belts would be so easy to add. Have you ever ridden in the airstream while it is towed? I haven’t but Debbie has and said it is the scariest ride she’s ever had. Amazing creaks and groans and rattling, and that was just from our campsite to the campground’s dump station and back again. Seat belts might be a good idea

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