Battery Watering at the beach

Every time we visit Myrtle Beach we seem to hit the same set of locations: Sea Captain’s House, Sara J’s, Tanger Outlet, and Camping World. We enjoyed great meals this week at our oldest favorite, Sea Captain’s House in Myrtle Beach and at Sara J’s in Murrells Inlet. We stopped by Tanger for some plates for someone and went to Camping World at least twice.

Camping World had a nice deal on some parts we wanted and they had the battery watering system to match the one we installed on our lower battery bank. We bought the second set so we could maintain the upper pair of batteries without removing the cover or handling the battery caps.

I can now check and maintain the water levels in all four batteries in about 30 seconds. The water levels will be uniform to within 1/8″, and I have eliminated contact with battery acid from the cells or caps.

I know, I know, we’ve been handling battery caps for years without many incidents. But there have been just enough injuries with hazardous materials, like battery acid, to maintain an industry in safety products like this watering system. I remember in the 1980s when we stopped hand applying water treatment chemicals and went to injection feeds instead.

We reduced risk of operator contact with the hazardous materials. Why wouldn’t we want to do the same thing for ourselves on one of our most hazardous RV chemicals, the battery acid? This was such an easy install, requiring less than fifteen minutes. And I won’t spend that long watering the batteries in the next ten or twenty weeks.

Quick connect

I justified the Flow-Rite Pro-Fill RV 6v battery watering system for the lower batteries because they were buried under the upper battery box. After using the Flow-Rite one time last week, I decided it was worth installing on the upper bank as well. Both battery boxes have an easily accessed quick-connect for the fill tube, and I use the same squeeze bulb for the pair.

The parts seem well made, assemble easily, and install in minutes. Camping World offers a different kit each for 12v batteries and for 6v batteries. The kits do NOT include a squeeze bulb with the quick-connect fitting — you buy it separately. This is helpful since you might not need more than one filler bulb whether you buy one, two, or more battery kits.

what's in the box

I think the battery project is now complete. . . Until something else comes up I should do to improve it.


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2 responses to “Battery Watering at the beach

  1. Greetings from Region 8 Rally in Springfield, MO. Am I guilty of battery assault by not checking the water level more often? We still have the originals in our 2007. When can we anticipate the need to replace them? I don’t think they hold the charge as long as they used to.

  2. Hi Richard,
    Apparently you’ve done pretty well by your batteries for them to have endured five years. No, they almost surely don’t hold their charge as well as before. If your travel plans always include campgrounds with shore power then your batteries should continue to serve you awhile.

    But do check the batteries water level regularly and maintain only with distilled water. Manufacturers recommend checking water level frequently on new batteries until you determine the needed frequency and can appropriately extend the interval.


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