Will paint stick to an aluminum RV?

We try to keep a sharp eye peeled for things to share with you.  It is a little tougher some times than others.  Here are a couple of shots we’ve taken over the past week, thinking of you.

While we were working with NOMADS the past three weeks at Lake Junaluska we learned a little more about painting.  It’s bound to happen when we spend 24 hours weekly for three weeks doing little more than painting – you might hope we would learn something, eh?

Painter One (Tim) was our main man.  He told us where to paint, what not to paint, and he brought us the stuff to spread.  Tim always brought us first-rate paint and tools.  The primer we applied in several situations was a Valspar latex bonding primer Tim told us would prime a glass windshield for latex finish paint.

He’s right!  Consider how well it might stick to our airstream, just a five gallon kit of the primer and a few gallons each of these colors and you too could change your RV’s exterior color scheme with ease.

NHTSA might want to work with RVIA and RVSEF on this answer to the hazards of so many dull metallic gray campers on our highways.  Recall how you read about ships accidentally colliding in the high seas?  What color are the ships?  Dull gray.  This could be the next big thing:


Meanwhile, here’s our boring old dull metallic gray airstream as seen this afternoon. Today was a beautiful bright breezy bracing beach day. Chilly all day but gorgeous. Weather guessers are calling for warmer days before the week ends — we hope so. At least it’s still great to see.








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2 responses to “Will paint stick to an aluminum RV?

  1. OOOOO, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We got a stainless steel cover for our water heater! (Free installation at Region 8 Rally. Part was pricey for a cosmetic only upgrade.) We will see if this is better than the painted one that came on the trailer.

    • Richard,
      We scrub and don’t wax our water heater and furnace covers. They are oxidizing but continue looking okay. I’ll bet your ss cover looks really sharp!

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