shagging in Myrtle Beach SC

We arrived early this afternoon to Myrtle Beach South Carolina, the fabled Atlantic Ocean beachside home to the Gay Dolphin gift shop, the boardwalk, shagging (dancing on sandy plywood panels to great beach music), and some of South Carolina’s best beaches.

the weather outside is frightful

The weather wasn’t especially welcoming today in Myrtle Beach.  At least it waited until we unhitched and set up our utilities.  No sooner did we complete our set up than it started raining, lightly at first and then a downpour.

The Airstream club’s Region 3 Rally is this week at Ocean Lakes Family Campground.  We’ve been here four times in seven years with our club and have enjoyed every stay.  Lots of streets to walk without venturing onto the highway, nice beach, good kite flying, and a couple of nice swimming pools too.

We have a mixed bag of weather for the coming week.  We’ll just hope for some warm sunny days, and take whatever comes.  Hopefully we can find a place to do a little shagging, too.

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5 responses to “shagging in Myrtle Beach SC

  1. Thanks for taking me back to Friday night dances at the Rec. Center in Boone. Shagging was my forte.

    • You bet, Richard. This is the epicenter of that great and lasting phenomenon, shag dancing. We’re hoping we can find time/place to do it while here. We have all week, after all!

  2. It occurs to me some folks might misunderstand our use of the term so I am adding this link as background on shagging a la Myrtle Beach. Let me know if it doesn’t load for you or you still wonder what I’m talking about?

  3. May I be the first to point out that Sunday’s weather was a direct result of Jim having washed the truck in the rain on April 17… talk about testing fate lol

    • Dana, No good deed goes unpunished! Like you say, the rain seems to arrive quickly after any good washing. Washing a daily driver just isn’t worth it if one thinks it will stay clean.

      The great thing, though, is I re-washed it Saturday morning Apr 21. (Even waxed the roof! I know, not very ambitious really but figured at one panel a month I can finish it once a year.) It rained really hard all night Saturday and all morning Sunday. The rain fell so long and hard that by the time we started driving to the beach Sunday mid-morning the roads were super-clean. The truck and trailer both still look superb even after 200 miles of driving in the rain.

      And man, it was pretty neat to drive through piedmont NC Sunday morning and see everything freshly watered and dark green, all the ponds and lakes were full, a lot of fields already were planted so the rain didn’t hold off plantings. A great slow and long rain, well timed for things that grow and to refill the aquifers a bit.

      I’ll try to time my washings well. The eco-concerned folks may rest easy too — I very rarely use a hose pipe when I wash the truck or trailer. I mix a pail of clean water with a few drops of dish detergent, apply liberally with a clean terry cloth. Wipe gently with a wrung-out chamois, then polish with a dry chamois. Voila! No harmful residues leach to the ground and we use less water than the fabled recycling car wash places.

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