3 Best Things About Mesa AZ

A really neat thing about full-time RVing is our ability to live in our RV anywhere on the continent for however long we want (more or less). There are, we think, more places to try than we could sample in thirty-five years or more. In fairness we might need to try and stay a shorter time each place, maybe like Rob and Jan did in their very cool tour of 50 national parks, the original Sprinter Tour.

We do our best and find ourselves sticking down roots for weeks and sometimes months in favorite places. Gosh, before you know it we could up and buy a lot and find a builder and start roughing in utilities even! Nah! Been there, fooled that already. We really do want to keep sampling around and are excited about all the places we haven’t even seen.

Two and one-half years ago we tried TowerPoint Resort in Mesa AZ upon invitation from full-timers Bob and Faith. We knew them from attending WBCCI “Internationals”, airstream annual meetings. We’d had fun with them and accepted their invite to try out this place in Mesa for a month.

A month turned into six weeks so I could compete on the club’s team in the East Valley tennis league. A year later we committed for three months of winter at TowerPoint. Between flying back east for a wedding then a high school reunion then family Christmas we only spent six weeks at TowerPoint.

This year we committed for five months. Wow, that’s a big deal for us. We hadn’t stayed anywhere five months since we started on this odyssey almost five years ago. And we did get itchy feet midway and towed our home into the desert at Quartzsite AZ. Worth it, preserved our sanity and maybe our reputation for being travelers still.

Even after five months stay, we do love Mesa and the resort. We promised to tell the three best things we’ll really miss about the West and why we’ll look forward to getting back there this autumn. The following are not in any particular order, they are the top three favorite things we think about Mesa AZ.

Number 1
We’re still eating avocados, oranges, and grapefruit from Mesa AZ. We had these freely available all winter and they keep well too. Avocados are between $0.33 and $0.88 all the time for nice-sized ones. Oranges and grapefruit were free to us throughout most of March but were between $0.25 and $0.35 each at the stores. We’ve not eaten better ones either.

We’ll look forward to all the fresh produce at Superstition Ranch Produce across from TowerPoint Resort, the fresh veggies, bulk foods and fun lagers at Sprouts Supermarkets, and the general groceries at Fry’s.

Number 2
Our friends. Sure, we are lucky to make friends everywhere we go. We have found true what so many others also learn about resort community life. We share so many activities on daily basis, whether playing tennis or learning a foreign language or just enjoying the weather together.

The always sunny and almost always warm weather has a lot to do with how this works at TowerPoint Resort — we have countless opportunities to meet and greet and talk with our friends and neighbors. We enjoy it and can see in the faces of so many people how much they enjoy it too.

Number 3
Winter tennis in the southwest can’t be beat. There are more opportunities to play than anyone can take advantage of. The weather is incredibly cooperative — one of our sixteen weekly matches was rained out and we rescheduled and played it four days later. Yes, sixteen weeks of matches and we had one rain-out for my team.

Our courts are lit so we can play until 10pm if we want. We have two hundred members in our resort’s tennis club and thousands in our East Valley tennis league. Finding a game is always a cinch. Even easier is finding enjoyable tennis to watch — our club has scheduled team matches every morning Monday through Friday November 10 through March 10.

We try to play tennis year-round. But this is like living at the tennis club — our house, when we’re parked at TowerPoint, is less than 100 yards from the tennis complex. Tennis doesn’t get any more inviting or easy to engage in. We’ll look forward to the nice tennis club, the facilities, and the great people not only in the tennis club but in the entire resort.

There are many more reasons to love living in Mesa AZ. If we told you more than these three reasons then you would want to move there and it might get crowded. Besides, I’m already over 750 words. Good night.

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One response to “3 Best Things About Mesa AZ

  1. Folks,
    I updated this post with something I should have included in the 1st place — a link to Sprinter Tour, Jan’s and Rob’s legacy to full-time living in a 22′ Airstream Interstate on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. Great story, amazing photos and adventures, and some kinda crazy to travel the way and pace they did. Two road warriors there, for sure.


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