Full-timing is for the birds — we’re done

Five reasons you should keep your house and not travel all the time. You will miss:

1. your church’s music, message, and fellowship programs
2. your community of friends and family all so nearby
3. watching your garden and trees changing with seasons
4. finding the right hair stylist again
5. having your rotating boom antenna on a tower always at ready

We returned yesterday to North Carolina, our real home state. Since we first started airstreaming we have been sensitive to the special effect returning through the Smokies has on us. There’s just nothing like it for us — the lush green and permanent granite of the mountains, red bud and dogwood blooming gloriously, the great food, and people who sound just like Debbie.

Debbie and I have for several years messed around with websites showing small home schematics. This year we found a drawing program for the MAC to allow us to take all those ideas and meld them into our affordable small home. Two years ago we told our dear readers we had found the perfect house but didn’t know where to put it. But we always did, in our hearts, know where we belong.

We have been negotiating with a couple of friends from our church in Charlotte. They have long-time ties to Lake Junaluska as so many thousands of Methodists do. And they approached us about buying their extra lot here. The financial markets are finally up a bit, we’ve been hauling around on the road almost five years, the trailer’s wearing out, the truck has almost 100,000 miles and is getting funky at times.

The timing seemed propitious. So we did it — we’re off the road. We meet with a builder in Waynesville this Wednesday evening, see how much it’ll take to get our sketches into permitting. We’ve had offers on our trailer and really like some of the small Born Free and Winnebago motorhomes. No hurry to get into one of them, our first priority will be living through the construction.

I want to do as much of the work as I can, Debbie is handy with tools and a great organizer of ideas and processes. We think we can, with the right builder, get this done within four months of permitting. That’ll allow us to live on the worksite in the trailer until we get our TCO and then sell the trailer with plenty of season remaining.

We’ll miss writing for all of you. To all we’ve traveled, stayed, adventured, caravanned, played tennis with all over the continent, we’re still here for you. Here. To all our ham radio friends, we will have a tower and room for a couple of dipoles too, so we’ll look forward to staying in touch with you.

And we look forward to living the RV full-timing life vicariously through your great adventures. Uh oh, Debbie was reading over my shoulder and is starting to drop tears on the keyboard so I better finish with, Thanks for all the adventures and friendships we’ve shared, and for your great thoughts and prayers.

Just Kidding, APRIL FOOLS!

Jim and Deb

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12 responses to “Full-timing is for the birds — we’re done

  1. Good one, guys – you got us good!! LOL. So glad you will stay on the road….where you belong :D

  2. The headline gave it away, you would never say full timing is for the birds. I liked the tears on the keyboard.

    Reader #9

    • Ah, the tears were the real thing I promise. I drafted this, she read it and started crying. The description was a little too good? The sharp sensitive guy I am, I recognized right away Deb wants to keep full-timing. Good — me too.

      • Tears on the keyboard is how we felt when our Sprinter Tour ended and we had to turn the Interstate back into Airstream. Still carry that sadness with us…..

      • Rob, you and Jan know the cure, too! Come on, you two can intern with us anytime you choose. You teach us about picture-taking, we’ll show you how to thrive on the road. Let the sadness carry you until you can dispel it with sweeter life.

  3. Richard Hunt

    You got me! The post seemed so believable. I did wonder how you got so much accomplished in such a short time after getting back to N.C. Now I wonder how much you were toying with the idea. You must have considered it to be so thoroughly descriptive. I guess we will stick with “half-timing,” and try to get a bit of both worlds.

    • Deb and I are both high detail people and we go around and around things extensively. So yes, we have indeed investigated lots of floorplans. Our interest in floorplans goes way way back before we ever thought of full-timing and continues.

      Small spaces attracted us more once our children moved out and our interest increased with publication of Sarah Susanka’s Not So Big House book series. A visit to a homesteader cabin museum display in Homer AK reinforced our intent to pursue a right-sized house someday.

      We still think about whether there exists any one place we could have a house – so many favorite places to choose from and we’ve only been browsing five years. Too, the more time we spend together in the RV, the less we feel we need a house.

      Jim & Deb http://dreamstreamr.com

  4. I knew that was a joke from the first. You won’t give up that easily!!!!

    • Janet, You’re on to us — there’s so much we love about what we do we don’t know when we’ll be ready to stop. I suspect we’ll stop before we’re ready. Great to hear from you, we’ve been peeking in on your caringbridge messages. We love you and are thinking of you all, you’re on our NOMADS group’s prayer list,

      Jim and Deb

  5. Well, I was really taken aback, couldn’t believe what my eyes were reading. Glad to find out that indeed it was an April 1 prank. Nicely done. Especially in the context of the succeeding post about Mesa…. I was like… what the heck happened here….. So in any event, while the idea of a very small living space on a great piece of land does sound intriguing, glad you guys are still going to be providing us all with your great writing for some time to come hopefully

    btw, you picked a perfect time to have driven through DFW. A week ahead of yesterday’s mess.


    • Dana, We wouldn’t pull everyones’ leg just any time but it was THE day and couldn’t help it. Thanks for your kind words, we’ll try to keep writing blogs you want to read.

      Weren’t we fortunate though? Just two Mondays ago we cruised through Arlington and stayed only a little ways east of Dallas in Mt Pleasant at Rambling Fever campground. No thoughts on our minds about tornadoes at all. Our thoughts are with the thousands of people affected by the vast damage from the tornadoes in DFW/Arlington area.


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