Surrounded by Crimson Tide fans

We reluctantly left the Natchez Trace today after a really nice visit and a very quiet night and morning in Tishomingo State Park campground. We were one of no more than a dozen campers in the campground. Very peaceful.

We drove a couple of hours to north Alabama to Joe Wheeler State Park Resort. Who knew this is Alabama public schools spring break and every fifth wheel, tent, and bass boat in Alabama would be here for the weekend?

The gal at the campground office asked us, “Just one night?”

“You’re in luck” she said. “I’d have to turn you around but someone just cancelled. I can let you check in. You can take any site that isn’t occupied.”

We cruised all the loops, found no more than four unoccupied spaces. Two of them were sanwiched between high-density kiddie sites. Skip those. The fourth one we didn’t notice until later in the day after we had parked. We found ours, an end of row site just waiting for us.

Our hitch jack has started blowing circuit fuses. This began yesterday at Tishomingo. I was going to raise the hitch enough to release the weight distribution bars so I could oil the very squeaky hitch joints. Never got there, couldn’t raise the hitch enough and blew the fuse for the hitch jack. We’ll oil the hitch later.

We have lots and lots of fuses from 1 amp slow-blow agc to 30 amp atc. But I needed a 30 amp agc (the tubular glass ones with metal ends) and have none. Maybe I’ve had this problem before and wasn’t thinking about how many fuses I burned? “Hey hon, I just used the last one, you wanna add them to the grocery list?”

That would have been a good idea but didn”t happen. Fortunately the hitch jack will raise and lower, within limits, with 20 amp fuses. I’ve only gone through three of these today. “Hey hon, . . .”
We’ll keep an eye on this, hoping the hitch jack doesn’t want to get cranky. Time to do a little reading on hitch jack maintenance. And buy some more 30 amp fuses.

We hopped into the truck to drive over to the tennis courts after lunch. The tire pressure monitoring system (tpms) was alarming frantically, showing only eighteen (18) pounds in the trailer’s front right tire. This is the same tire we have, over the past three days, given up on monitoring.

Our tpms is five years old and the sensor transmitters’ little batteries apparently are weakening. The front right tire has, over the last week, reduced from intermittent non-reporting to constantly failing to report. Really it was surprising to see the low pressure alarm.

We hopped out of the truck and checked the tire. Full pressure, so we turned off the tpms for now. The tpms sensors are replaceable and we had planned on swapping them for new ones later this year. This is a good time, we’ll do it while we’re encamped at Lake Junaluska over the next three weeks.

We took a walk around the camping loop this evening before supper. We seem to be the only ones not from around here. All, every single one of them, have at least a U of Alabama license plate frame. Almost all have school front plates, school flags, yard pennants.

Several have five gallon buckets emblazoned with the school crest or mascot and “CRIMSON TIDE” hanging from tree limbs. We could see these because they have a light bulb in each bucket and are using them to not only show their school spirit but also to illuminate their (and several adjacent) campsites.

I’m tempted to (but probably won’t) post our school colors tomorrow morning, We’re not in their conference and, in football for sure, not in their league at all. Do they even play basketball? Our soccer team probably whips theirs, right?

This is a nice campground and the people camping here are wonderful. It’s nine o’clock pm and the place is amazingly quiet for a capacity crowd campground. And how many campgrounds have marina, lodge, cabins, golf, tennis and basketball courts? Only Joe Wheeler State Park Resort.

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One response to “Surrounded by Crimson Tide fans

  1. The thing about being from North Carolina…. you can always say…. “Oh, yeah . . . Two words . . . Mia Hamm . . . . ” People in Wichita Falls still claim her as their own and its been 25 years since she trod the goathead infested practice fields of Notre Dame High School.

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