Have you read The Abilene Paradox?

We drove today from Las Cruces NM to Abilene TX. We were the only RV behind Cracker Barrel last night and tonight we are one of eight or ten between the Cracker Barrel and Wal-Mart joint parking areas. Unlike last night when we were in the company of several Albertson tractor-trailers, tonight the big rigs are half a block away behind Wal-Mart’s gas station.

Last evening, after returning to the trailer from dinner, our fridge wasn’t working. We tried to restart it and it made a loud belch and the fridge’s check engine light turned on again. Changed propane bottles and tried again and after a few tries it’s working fine. We think. We hope.

And the fresh water tank resumed its leaking from near the drain valve. Last known as a problem in January, we’d forgotten it entirely. Another future project, it’ll wait until we’re finished with next week’s driving.

Otherwise a perfect day with a nice picnic in a roadside area. Deb fixed us a Caprese salad and we ate with one hand while firmly keeping a grip on our paper plates. The wind was blowing steadily and fairly strongly. We think it reduced our gas mileage by approx 10 percent, we made just 10.5 overall today.

I’ll get back with you on The Abilene Paradox — it’s one of my favorite books.

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2 responses to “Have you read The Abilene Paradox?

  1. I have often victimized myself for a consensus that did not exist. People who want to please and serve are the easiest targets. Thanks for bringing up the Abilene Paradox as prompted by your passing through Abilene, TX. Continue to have a great relocation trip and blessings on the volunteer assignments ahead.

    • Gee Richard, great teaser on the next blog! Great radio article yesterday on NPR, Bob Edwards talking with a worker from Howard Deans campaign. The guy said the entire team convinced themselves, against ample and rising signs to the contrary, Dean was the can’t lose candidate. A positive attitude is great and needed, but reading and understanding the signs helps us steer effectively and serve better.

      Jim & Deb http://dreamstreamr.com

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