And the winners are . . .

A most fashionable lady

A few weeks ago I slept with a fashion model — pretty exciting as you might guess. And now I’m sleeping with a tennis champion too. “Isn’t the bed becoming a bit crowded”, you’re probably wondering? (Nah, we find the room.)

Nancy and Debbie, winners in the 1.5 Winter Breakout Tennis Tournament

Okay — before I land myself in any trouble, let’s clear this up. My drop-dead gorgeous wife is a model and a tennis champion. Clear? Debbie and Nancy participated in a three-day tennis tournament for the 2nd year players. And they won bronze medals for their great playing. They played well and had fun.

Why do I get to share space with a great tennis player? The answer is only a little complicated — but I’m not much to blame for Debbie’s successes. She deserves all the credit and I’m too happy to honor her hard work and good genes. Debbie practices hard, plays well, and earned this great win at the three-day tournament last weekend.

Way to go, Debbie and Nancy!

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7 responses to “And the winners are . . .

  1. Can barely believe I left this out but I was in a hurry on our way to a choir concert — Debbie and Lori won their match today. This is a special treat for Debbie because she was playing up one level above her rating. Way to go Debbie!

  2. I guess congratulations are in order, to Deb for winning the tennis trophy and to you for sleeping with a super model.

    Hunter, wintering in Georgetown, TX

  3. Hi Deb and Jim: Thanks for sending this to us. Great seeing your trailer traveling along the snowbank and the beautiful red truck! We are doing great, too. Working hard at the Fitness Center healing from the accident last Sep 1, 2011 (first day on our caravan “Watch It Made”) and then after the hospital Sep 23 went to a nursing home for a month, then home to FL on Oct 25. So much to say. Future: International in Sedalia where Buzz will again be in charge of Sign up Tables and I will assist. We are starting to play golf again. Breast cancer for me/now in radiation, Buzz doing the second successful cataract surgery. Life is Good! Love, Carol and Buzz

  4. WOW!! Congrats to Debbie on super successes. Beautiful on the runway, and the courts. Skilled at both, and a rising star wherever she goes. Add all that to her being 50% of a fabulous marriage. We look forward to hearing of the next adventures.

  5. It’s always fun to read your blog. I love the photos of Debbie! Beautiful in blue and of course the one of the tennis star. Congrats to Debbie. I sure am enjoying your blog. We missed you being with us at hamcation in Florida. It sure was a lot of fun and almost perfect weather!

  6. Jane Elgin Bartlett

    WOW! Way to go Debbie. No tennis medals here on South Padre Island, but Hugh did ride his bike in the Jalapeno 100 last Sat. No medal for the 25 miles he rode, but he did receive rain & headwinds of 20mph. Enjoying our time on SPI. Head back to MO the first of April. Look forward to seeing you all in Sedalia.
    Jane & Hugh 4544

  7. Way to go!

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