Canadian Dinner Synchronized Swim Team Performance

If you haven’t seen them perform in your area you might want to check out this group.  They were sooo entertaining although the performance is not overly long at only eight minutes.

Debbie and I have never recommended a video, this will be our first.  Heck, we don’t even watch videos on-line since we’re on limited broadband.  But we thought we should recommend this one.

This video is of a troupe of folks who performed at the TowerPoint Resort Canadian Dinner this past Sunday evening for a select audience of over 200.  The performance was so well done and wildly received they presented an encore today for over 300 more of our neighbors.

This is art.  And fun.  And you’ll possibly never watch another video I recommend after this one, but you won’t regret having seen this one.  Starts off a tiny bit slow as they build the aquatic pool (a minute or two), but gets going and only takes eight (8) minutes total.

Have fun, take a chance, watch this youtube video.  BTW, Debbie and I rate this PG, suitable for all audiences.  You’ll laugh, you might cry.  Those are both healthy reactions for folks, right?

Here’s the link:

See you down the road!

Jim and Debbie

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