Merry Christmas from dreamstreamrs

Merry Christmas from us to you. The tree is brightly lit with colored lights and is standing before the living room window. Presents are under the tree. Eleanor (almost six) is pretty wired about tonight and tomorrow — she’s already bathed, getting supper, and anticipating opening a present before bedtime. And the adults are quietly excited about our time together with these two children.

Eleanor has picked which package to open tonight, one which appeared under the tree this morning. She shared with us this evening her considerations on the package. Not a big box but not a small one, it is unlikely to contain anything she doesn’t need. Yet she doesn’t know what’s in it. And so the excitement waxes.

We are spending Christmas holiday in Vancouver B.C. where Eleanor, her little brother, and her parents live. The last time we celebrated Christmas here Eleanor, our first grand baby, was ten months old. She enjoyed the wrapping paper and the boxes. Five years later and our second grand baby is six months old. He likes the lights and sights and having something to gnaw his gums on.

Eleanor drew this Christmas picture for us on the iPad —

Christmas tree with presents

Debbie and Jim hope all of you enjoy the holiday season.


2 responses to “Merry Christmas from dreamstreamrs

  1. Happy New Year from reader number nine.

    • Hi #9,
      Thanks for the NY greeting — We’ll shout one out to you on New Year’s Day! Maybe I can issue a profound post about resolutions? I need 17 more hits to exceed 2010’s overall numbers. And 2010 was a really big year for my blog so I’m glad we’re still growing (especially despite stopping writing for what, six weeks? Ouch. But what a year this has been thanks to all eleven of you readers and our faithful spam contributors too — We’ve denied almost 4,000 spam comments. I think it matches the total hits by all other sources. Hmm, I’m appealing to a diverse audience, I guess.

      Very best to you guys,


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