How much sightseeing can you do in eight days?

This has been a huge sightseeing week for us, and today was a perfect cap on the week. We spent last weekend in Hutchinson KS visiting the Cosmosphere and Kansas Underground Salt Mine. Dodge City was a nice overnight stop from Hutchinson because we arrived early enough to tour Boot Hill museum and the Santa Fe Trail covered wagon tracks nine miles west of Dodge City. An overnight stop in Tucumcari NM put us in an easy driving day of Albuquerque where we parked for four nights.

Albuquerque needs more than four nights but we did the best we could and the weather cooperated wonderfully. Rode Sandia Crest tram and hiked to the Crest, ate at Duran’s Pharmacy (per Sterns’ Road Food book), toured Nuclear Science Museum, ate at Frontier restaurant (another Road Food pick), and toured the iHouse at Karsten Homes.

Oh, and we shopped Camping World, of course. Although we couldn’t think of a thing we needed. Luckily we did come up with some good ideas while there and made good use of our President’s Club discount card. We won’t need to revisit CW for awhile.

Today we drove from Albuquerque to Grants NM to tour the NM Mining Museum (great!); then to Malpais Monument visitor’s center (where we received a wonderful tip about Ancient Way Cafe; visited the Volcano and Ice Cave; stopped in the Ancient Way Cafe for great pie and coffee place,; and visited El Morro (Signature Rock) before pulling in to St Johns AZ, finding an RV park, and connecting utilities 1/2 hour ago in the dark.

We think the last time we arrived late for the night was a couple of years ago when we found ourselves being chased by a winter snowstorm coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. We were on our way between Mobile AL and Kannapolis NC and had plenty of time but if the storm hit while we were still west and south of Atlanta we might be delayed for a few very cold days. We drove through the night, arriving Kannapolis at 01:45 in the morning — and awoke to snow on the ground.

Nothing nearly so dramatic today — just a full day of fun sightseeing. We’ll share pictures tomorrow after we arrive Mesa AZ.

Jim and Debbie

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4 responses to “How much sightseeing can you do in eight days?

  1. So it’s Mesa for the winter season??

    You two sure find some cool things to see/do in these places. Thanks for the travelogue.

    Rob & Jan

  2. Wow…you all were in my back yard! I go to Horizon 3 or 4 times a year to ride the mountain bike trail…my wife is from Hutchinson and my mother-in-law works as Morton Salt. Also, I have viewed your blog a couple times and wondered if you had ever heard of Gary Gerber? He was my shop teacher in highschool and is a big HAMM guy. Not sure what does now…big shop and LOTS of antennas around Byron Ok.

    • Hi Tim
      No, we haven’t met Gary yet. His callsign is KB0HH, you can look up his current amateur radio page here or at Yeah, we’d love to meet him sometime — he’s into amateur radio big time.

      Thanks for your comment — we like your part of the country a lot!


  3. Wow. Tennis must be good this fall in Mesa… or the days have gotten really long… is it tomorrow yet?

    Hope you guys are doing well. We made our first rally this past weekend in the Texas Piney Woods… 18 AIR Forums members with everything from 1971 to 2012 Eddie Bauer Edition…. beautiful camping weather.

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