Mansions and Motor Homes in NC

On our way in for a grand tour of The Biltmore House

We spent yesterday in Asheville NC visiting the Biltmore House. What a fabulous little seasonal cottage, a mere 175,000 sq ft and 250 rooms. The Biltmore House, we read, is the largest privately owned house in the USA. We entered the house at 10:00 a.m., walked the house and gardens and finally left at 4:30 p.m. to drive to Black Mountain for a little while.

an example of the stone carvings at the house

Our Biltmore House tour wasn’t the first for either of us but it was fantastic. We paid an extra $10 each for audio headsets, well worth the cost for the detail we gained. We had fun hearing history and detailed explanations of the family and some of the 250 rooms in the house. An interesting thing we heard was, “21,000 hours expended to restore approximately 2,000 square feet of the Louis XV suite.”

even the carriage house roof is detail-rich

We are astounded at the quality of workmanship throughout the house — the stone and metal work and finish carpentry were stunning everywhere we looked. Even the carriage house roof is rich in details. We’re amazed to think of the architect, Hunt, designing and executing this project. The scale is so huge, how did he get his arms around this entire thing? How ever he did, it sure worked out well.

GWV left his signature

We’re camped at Tom Johnson Camping Center for the Escapees All Chapters Rally East. This is a great rally site location. There are hundreds of three-way hookups for RVs, paved roads throughout the RV park, a great meeting and eating pavilion, and much more. Blue Ridge Parkway and Mt Mitchell, Burnsville, Asheville and Black Mountain, Old Fort and Marion, Linville Falls — all these are very short distances from this rally site.

what better place for a few rose stems?

Today we spent much less time touring the motor homes at Tom Johnson’s. We looked at small (22′) motor homes for $50,000 and gigantic ones (45′) for up to $750,000. The biggest difference between these extremes, besides engine horsepower, seems to be interior size. Some of the smaller ones are very nicely appointed and comfortable with nice (if compact) layouts. The smaller ones have many amenities like the largest ones (except washing machines and dishwashers.) But the big ones also have enough floor space for an aerobics or dance class and all have walk-around king size beds.

Still not for sale

We didn’t find any motor homes, any size, we liked as much as the Biltmore House or our Airstream International 25. Since the Biltmore House is still NOT for sale and we’re still in love with our airstream, we’re keeping our 25′ trailer as home.

Jim and Debbie

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2 responses to “Mansions and Motor Homes in NC

  1. “I’m glad you enjoyed my architecture.” Richard Hunt

    When I was in High School we first toured the Biltmore Estate. I was amazed that someone else had been named, “Richard Hunt.”
    Julie and I returned a couple of years ago. Biggest change: The Dairy area is now a winery — a very good one, in fact.

    • Rev Hunt, your family unquestionably designed a most magnificent manse! Pretty cool you toured it in HS, eh? We look fwd to another tour sometime.

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