Full-timers Packing and Unpacking

Last night a neighbor, Bev, asked us where we’d been and what our travel plans are. Her eyes widened as I recounted for her our past six weeks. We spent two nights with Frank and Sonja in Dunellon, a week in Orlando for Hamcation, a week in Sarasota for WBCCI Florida State Rally, three weeks in Delray Beach for a NOMADS work project and now two weeks in Okeechobee. Next we’ll head for St Marys GA for two nights at Crooked River SP, then a night at Skidaway SP before we head for Hilton Head Island for a week of tennis.

She quickly quipped, “That’s way too much packing and unpacking for us.”

Bev didn’t realize we very very rarely pack and unpack. It’s easy when you can keep your entire travel kit with you. We don’t even have a suitcase with us in the trailer or our truck. The only time in three years we’ve used a suitcase was in quarter 4 of 2010 when we flew repeatedly from Mesa AZ to Charlotte. Otherwise our only packing is when we pack dirty clothes into our hamper and pack clean clothes into our clothes totes.

The only travel mode easier for us would be to travel less, thereby reducing hitching and unhitching and setting up and breaking camp. We can break camp and hitch up to leave in as little as 1/2 hour, far less time than we would probably spend packing suitcases. We enjoy breaking camp. Hitching our truck to the trailer is effortless. And we love the engine’s hum and our tires singing as we head for another adventure. Less travel isn’t in our play book.

Packing and unpacking a suitcase wouldn’t deter us from travel. It isn’t really a big deal when we travel with a suitcase instead of the trailer. Sometimes towing and parking the trailer is much more expensive than flying somewhere, especially for shorter trips. We take a carry-on suitcase on the plane, deplane easily, and enjoy a week or two somewhere. We’re going to travel, one way or the other.

Travel is our lifestyle. The way we do it, in our 25′ Airstream International travel trailer suits us perfectly. And it’s handy we have with us, in the trailer, everything for travel we need without packing a suitcase.

Jim and Debbie

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