Go HEELS! UNC 81 – Dook 67

The UNC Tarheels are outright champions of the ACC men’s basketball regular season after a decisive victory over Dook U (no longer #4 nationally) last night in Chapel Hill.

The Tarheels kept Dook from scoring in the paint last night, forcing Dook to shoot from outside.  Dook missed 21 of 27 three-pointers, shot only 35% FGs, and was out-rebounded by Carolina.


Jim and Debbie
(a couple of Tarheels)

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3 responses to “Go HEELS! UNC 81 – Dook 67

  1. We spent last evening watching the best game so far this season, the deciding contest for regular season champion of men’s basketball in Atlantic Coast Conference.

  2. Richard Hunt

    The game was on CBS so we got to watch it. Nice game with no cliff-hanger ending. It was pretty much UNC all the way. Last game we watched between these two rivals UNC played in the first half, and Duke (aka. Dook) caught on fire the second half. We are glad there was no disappointment this time. We are at the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park for a couple of days.

    • Hi you two! We kept waiting for the shoe to drop but our guys held it together so well. We were relieved and joyous. Enjoy your days at Stephen Foster — hope the weather is wonderful!

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