A snowy Christmas in North Carolina

We are enjoying a snowy day in North Carolina and the first white Christmas in 47 years for Kannapolis where we are staying with Debbie’s parents.  Kelsey, Stephen, and Eleanor are here from Vancouver, Canada, where it is still 44, cloudy and raining every day.

Sadly Jim’s two children, Hannah and Charles, couldn’t make the drive today because of this otherwise delightful winter weather.  We have over an inch of the cold white stuff so far and weather guessers are suggesting up to 6 inches total snowfall by tomorrow afternoon.

Our Arizona friends are calling, asking us to wrap some snow to bring when we return to Mesa in a few days.  We’re still discussing this. . .

Debbie and I hit some tennis balls a few days ago and again yesterday.  Good thing we arranged those two attempts — it’ll be a few days before the courts are dry again.

We’ve enjoyed a few days each in Charlotte and Kannapolis already, and the weather has been in the mid to high forties most days.   Until now.  Chances are we’ll keep this snow a couple of days at least, an uncommon treat in piedmont North Carolina.  Most times the snow hits and starts melting immediately.

This has been an exciting Christmas for everyone in this household — we’ve shared it with Kelsey’s and Stephen’s four year-old daughter, Eleanor.  Lots of energy, lots of movement, lots of interesting books, toys, and games.  All exceptionally educational, of course.

I really miss seeing Hannah and Charles and will have to see if we can somehow catch up with them in the Asheville area before Hannah returns to Atlanta from winter break.  And we hope to see some friends before we fly back to Mesa.

Pictures tomorrow — it’s too late tonight for me to want to do them and I feel so lazy.

Merry Christmas!

Jim and Debbie
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