Almost enough tennis

We’re parked really close, essentially adjacent, to the tennis club at TowerPoint.  All to the good, this location is for us.  We can readily see who’s out there, what courts are available, are the two ball machines in use already?  Cal-Am, the resort management, sprung for a big season opener party with beverages and burgers.  Celebrated the largely refurbished tennis facilities and return of the many tennis players.

Great new courts, lighting, and vinyl-coated fencing

Trained so hard the first couple of days hitting with the ball machine on the tennis courts my hand was sore, my legs were sore, my shoulders were sore, my feet were sore.  Going to have to pick up the conditioning as we go — season started last Monday.  A couple of hours every day is working, and a new pair of sneaks to put more bounce in my jumps.

Debbie and I’ve each competed in two East Valley Seniors Tennis League (EVSTL)  matches these past two weeks.  My partner won one and lost one.  Debbie and her partner placed second both times in their matches, but they’re starting to win games.

The season is young, a lot of players haven’t arrived yet.  Still there are plenty of players already here and we can get as much hitting as we can stand.  I’m playing in another league, too, and its matches are Wednesday afternoons.  The Wednesday matches give me a chance to tune up for my Thursday morning matches.

Last night we had our tennis club’s first monthly dinner.  The dinner was well attended, maybe 200 people.  It was an opportunity to recognize Darren and Jan for their work all summer, helping with various needs in the resort.  We thanked DJ for guiding the resort’s addition of our fifth tennis court and many amenities for the Tennis Club.  And we recognized new members, some of who just arrived and already expressed interest in the Club.

Ten or more consecutive days of two hours daily tennis was enough, we decided to take a few days off last weekend.  This has felt like a crash fitness course for us.  We both needed the weekend for recovery time and to catch up on a few other things including blogs.  I sketched outlines for four blog posts so should be able to post at least once weekly from now on.

Yesterday evening, after tennis, I went through our box of friends’ business cards.  It took a couple of hours but if you gave me your contact card then you are in our address book.  Just one more way to organize the lot of things in our little space.  We promise not to sell your card!  But we can look you up more easily.

See you down the road!

Jim and Debbie
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