How high do we have to go to cool off?

Something’s happened to our 75 degrees, and it isn’t just the metric conversion. Somewhat suddenly, yesterday, we spilled out from nice cool mountains onto parched hilly grasslands. Our daily high temperatures soared from high 70s to mid-90s as we hit the western side of the Kootenay Mountain range.

Grand Forks offered us one cool moment yesterday morning, we stopped in a Tim Horton’s Restaurant to check for wifi. Nope, you guessed it, they didn’t have wifi in this Tim Horton’s either. We’ll keep checking and let you know when we find a Tim Horton’s with wifi, though. The coffee and pastry were, as usual, excellent.

We’re stopped for two nights in the Kettle River RV Park near Rock Creek, B.C. It is a nice park with two very large irrigated and manicured lawn areas and river access. One of the park customs is to sit in your folding chair in the river. The Kettle River runs slowly and looks between 18″ and 42″ deep. We’ll probably find ourselves in it today.

Today’s temperature is 91 degrees, and the forecast for tomorrow is 97. Time for us to beat it out of here, gain some altitude before we stop again. Let’s see, 5 degrees per 1,000 feet, we need 3,000 feet. We drove up and down between 2,200 and 5,200 feet three times yesterday before landing on this hot side of the mountains.

We’ve spent the past four hours in a coffee shop in Rock Creek getting more than our $2 worth of wifi. Kent and Denise serve superb coffee and we love their cheese corn muffins and fresh baked sausage rolls. The wifi is also excellent, very fast. Jim completed his tasks including downloading needed updates, checking news, and responding to email. Debbie reconciled our accounting and checked her emails.

We’ll leave Kettle River RV Park tomorrow morning early, see if we can find a cool, shady spot for a couple of nights.

See You Down The Road!

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4 responses to “How high do we have to go to cool off?

  1. Where are the pictures?

    • Thanks for asking. Now and again we choose between a text-only post or no post at all. We enjoy including pictures to share visually some of what we see.

      Sometimes easy to capture, the pictures can be much more trying to release. It takes us a while to select, crop, re-size, then code for posting. Four hours at the coffee shop was enough for one day and pictures just have to wait.


  2. Being a photographer, I understand the delay, you just have us spoiled.

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