A turn for the worse in Bozeman, MT?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, this just in from local newspaper, the Bozeman Chronicle:

Police Reports

The Bozeman Police Department reports for Friday included the following:

    – A man working at a store accidentally sprayed himself with bear spray.
    – A driver rear-ended another car on 19th Avenue after the driver’s grandson said “hot” and the driver turned to see what he was looking at.
    – A hotel clerk reported that a transient male had been coming into the hotel lobby and taking coffee and cookies.

Kinda makes us wonder if every day can be this bad for Bozeman. Could this eventful Friday report be typical of a city of 27,000 people, especially in the middle of this college town’s summer break? We remember our previous Bozeman visit, two years ago, reading similar number and type of incidents in the police reports.

We revisited Bozeman United Methodist Church this morning for Sunday worship. The service was nice and Pastor Dave McConnell sounded very much as good as he does on his sermon podcasts. Some things, thankfully, change less quickly than others.

This wonderful little church probably has big change coming when Pastor Dave retires. He has served just over twelve years at Bozeman Methodist. His retirement may loom in the not so distant future. And he will leave really big footsteps.

The number of stores open Sunday morning surprised us. The downtown great and large hardware store opens at 9:00 a.m. A half-dozen coffee shops or cafes were open already. We had a nice stroll up Main Street, read the Sunday paper (including the police blotter), and relished in the relaxing Sunday morning with no hurry for anything.

Bozeman's Pickle Barrel Ice Cream & Sandwich Shop

We also took a slow drive by the Pickle Barrel, scene of our numerous caloric crimes two years ago. Tomorrow’s Jim’s birthday, today he was just scoping out the parking situation for a possible probable visit tomorrow after a couple of errands downtown.

Things in Bozeman, MT, seem pretty good. We’re happy to be here again and think you would probably enjoy it too. Don’t let the police blotter scare you away.

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One response to “A turn for the worse in Bozeman, MT?

  1. Fortunately, it was too windy Monday to grill out, so we drove into Bozeman for a sandwich and pickle and an ice cream cone at the Pickle Barrel. This was as great as we remembered it in our memories of two years ago! A nice way to spend this birthday evening, a perfect Bozeman day.

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