Ready to go

Today we’re on the road again. This stay in Kannapolis, NC, has been short and very productive. We both had long lists, at least two dozen items on each. Every item is complete on each list, so we’re ready to go. Our stay has been unusual because we are thinking in terms of the longest journey yet.

We’ll be one year before returning to Kannapolis. We’ve decided, for the first time, to fly home for the 2010 holidays. Therefore we’ll be returning after less than nine months but our trailer and truck won’t. This longer time away from “home base” is probably far less significant than we’ve made it out.

Our previous frame of reference has been six or eight months away then replenishing clothes or gear from our North Carolina storage unit. We’ve spent the past two weeks working carefully on our lists for the truck and trailer. The house of Deb’s parents is a great place to work on every kind of project.

Installed a new very heavy duty Curt 15208 receiver, adjusted the exhaust tail pipe to clear the new receiver, cleaned and re-packed trailer wheel bearings, cleaned, checked and adjusted trailer brakes, rotated truck’s tires, changed oil and filter, modified ham radio station’s master switch, cleaned and repainted the hitch, tightened the gas regulator connections, repaired the trailer’s CB radio coax outside connection, reorganized the storage unit, and thoroughly repacked the truck bed and the trailer’s cargo compartments.

Did we reduce the trailer’s weight? We won’t know until we next stop by a weight scale. The trailer is bound to weigh less, and the truck may weigh a little more. We are carrying a lot fewer books, we moved a few clothes to the storage unit and some to the truck, and moved extra linens from the trailer to the truck. Small changes, but we were only looking for around 100 pounds reduction.

One year just seems a whole lot longer to us. This feels like a bigger commitment to the road. This year’s travel isn’t really any different than what we’ve done the previous three years. We set our expectations before any trip and try to prepare accordingly. Our expectations rise every time as we consider the past trips against the next ones.

We’ve made lots of preparations, we have lots of anticipation, and we’re excited about this year’s travels. Our itinerary includes Asheville, North Carolina, Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee, Cleveland, Mississippi, and Carlsbad, New Mexico. That’s the first ten days.

The next forty-something days will be with the WBCCI Southwest Adventure caravan. Gillette, Wyoming, will be our home for June, after which we’ll tour our way across British Columbia to Vancouver, then we might tour Washington state awhile. It should be a great year of traveling. We hope we’ll see all of you.

We’re ready to go, and we’re on our way!

Jim and Debbie
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9 responses to “Ready to go

  1. While you are in Washington (or Idaho) take a look at the Selkirk Loop. It is a beautiful 280 mile international loop,traveling through Idaho, Washington, and British Columbia. Its web site is:

  2. Safe travels and Godspeed.

    • We’re overnighting in Candler, North Carolina — just gorgeous. A nice visit with Charles, my son. Tomorrow morning way early we are off to Bean Station, TN, to see the iHouse production facility and then to Alcoa, TN, to see the first iHouse.

      We grilled steaks tonight, had a nice supper then Charles and I took a long walk. Nice end to this day. Exciting day ahead, we’ll check in with you afterward,


    • Thanks, Faith — So far so good — We’re in Chattanooga two nights then west to Cleveland Mississippi for two nights, then launching for Carlsbad. Talk later, Jim

  3. Funny, I thought I just got a whiff of steak. Yum.:)

  4. Did the hitch wear out on the truck, or did you just want to get to a Class 5?

    Happy Trails, Jim & Deb. I’m 17 days from retirement!!! Looking forward to traveling.

    • Barry, We noticed several months ago we could no longer dial down the truck’s front end with the weight-distributing hitch. A central premise of the Equal-i-zer hitch installation is to keep approximately the same measurement from ground to the front fenders before and after loading the trailer onto the hitch. The old hitch, we surmised (observed), would no longer bring the rear end up and the front end back down.

      The new hitch, as it turns out (and for which we are very grateful) does transfer the weight adequately. Driving very early (0600 hours) out of Asheville NC we remarked to each other, “look! the headlights are on the road again.”

      We didn’t wear out the Chevy oem hitch — it apparently was just not up to the job.

      Congratulations on your run-up to retirement — take a deep breath, then another one, you gotta last way more than seventeen more days!


  5. Sounds like a great trip planned. Safe travels!

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