6 responses to “We only wanted to give them money

  1. This ridiculous banking policy comes to you courtesy of the Patriot Act. It will only get harder for full-timers and others without a permanent physical address as the government co-opts financial institutions, utilities, and other essential services in a misguided effort to prove we’re not terrorists. In the meantime, you can try to duck this problem by using a mail forwarding service that “looks like” a physical address, and choosing banks that understand the needs of people who travel, like Navy Federal and USAA.

    • Yeah Rich, we’ll rehearse our answers as we do before border crossings. “Where are you from” is less simple a question than they intend. And we don’t want to get into the long answer any more than they do.

      Instead of permanent residence, we next time will answer with “permanent address”. And perhaps we can figure out a way to establish accountability for a utility bill at our permanent address in North Carolina.

      Our amateur radio club ran into the same problem opening a bank account in another state. The club isn’t incorporated or chartered in that state and so paid a background check fee for the bank to verify the club’s identity.

      Pretty ridiculous on our scale, a little difficult to reconcile with any level of common sense. Their loss, not ours. Our money didn’t go to the bank after all, but to a fund. Policy gone bad, eh?

  2. Well, I guess I’d better step up to the plate and offer to hold your money. I won’t question you extensively. I’ll simply be happy to take your money. You have my address, and your money will be invested wisely for exponential growth. Sound good? ;)

    • Faith,
      We accept interest payments in many different forms. Before the recession we might have had much higher expectations than now, but things change. One offer we’d like is unlimited upside and no downside. Sort of a Bernie Madoff kind of reality, eh? So make us an offer —

  3. We spend part of the year parked at our daughter’s farm in Florida. When it came time to renew driver’s licenses and vehicle and trailer licenses, we decided to become official residents of Florida. We listed our daughter’s address as our own and, when asked, we said we live with our daughter. The question of paying utility bills has not come up . . . since we “live” with our daughter and her family,” we are not expected to pay utility bills.

    Last week, when we opened a new bank account in North Carolina, we had a Florida driver’s license with a street address. They accepted us as new clients with no questions asked (First Citizens Bank).

    Perhaps something like that might work for you. Good Luck!

    • Kay,
      We do, in retrospect, believe we could have fared better with improved responses to their questions. Like you, we could as easily have stated we live with Deb’s brother. It is true enough, his address is also our permanent address.

      We’re over trying to tease out these tiny increments in savings rates even as we ardently believe saving is a matter of dimes and nickels as much as anything.

      And we will, next time, take your advice. We think it is what they really want to know. Who are we to deny them the best responses for the blank boxes?

      Thanks for your suggestion,

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