Another iHouse message?

Yes, friends, yet another message about the Clayton Homes iHouse. We’ve talked about it a couple of times previously. We can’t resist one more post, except it probably isn’t the last time we’ll talk about this.

We can try to tell you how impressed we are with how it looks, and why we like it. The open floorplan, economical use of space (1,023 sf iHouse, 199 sf Flex), and durable finishes inside and out all appeal to us. The notions of Usonian design we feel in the sensible and appealing floorplan remind us of our tours at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesen West.

We may not buy an iHouse but it has, at least, started us thinking about what we expect from any house we might build. The Andersen Low-E windows, no VOC coatings, the complete collection of rainwater from roof systems, great use of natural light, these things all appeal to us. And we like the small footprint.

Words fail in describing the fine job Clayton Homes has done staging these model homes. So we thought we’d share this link to pictures we’ve taken. We hope you like these pictures as much as we do. And no, we still aren’t planning to quit full-timing.

This iHouse is so nice we’re tempted, but we just haven’t found yet where we want to stay more than six weeks. We’re full-timing North America, visiting all the places we can. How can we decide before we have checked all the places?

Another message about iHouse, yes. And we’ll offer another, perhaps, down the road as we consider full-timing and its alternative(s).

[Disclaimer — Jim and Debbie are not connected to, nor compensated in any way from, Clayton Homes nor any division related to them nor to their advertisers or agents.]

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3 responses to “Another iHouse message?

  1. Jim, I like hearing about the I-House, so keep talking about about them. I am curious, what is the cost per square foot? What would be the advantages of purchasing a pre-built versus a stick built to same design?

    We are planning on downsizing soon, but may go the apartment route for a while until I can retire and then start full timing and/or workamping some.

    • Hey Norm, The modular’s cutting and assembly methods might have more quality-control than field-built houses. And the modular house, built in a controlled environment, should be guaranteed free of moisture intrusion (and subsequent potential mold) throughout the entire framing and dry-in period. I think, though, the modular’s buyer benefits most by one thing — a house set on the foundation ON SCHEDULE.

      You can use Clayton Homes’ iHouse website to configure which iHouse you’re interested in and what options you like. The website shows you what’s standard, what options you can choose (and at what cost). The cost for an iHouse II (1,023 sf) with Flex (199 sf) ranges pretty widely depending upon customer specifications and site particulars, from what we understand.

      Now about the workamping idea, this is the greatest thing I’ve heard you mention yet! Isn’t it time you joined us out here? We have met a bunch of people who workamp for county parks or National Parks System contractors. They return, year after year, because they like it so much. Doesn’t hurt to get the benefits, either. We’ve heard of free site plus utilities, free site plus hourly wage, and other packages. If you haven’t, check workamper news here

      Okay, I’m back to the best football game of the season — Boise State over Texas Christian. The Bronc’s are squishing the Horned Frogs (with 7 minutes left) — Gotta go!


  2. So–okay, you aren’t connected with I-House. Now I’m considering that you are spying for their competition, and I wouldn’t begin to know who that might be. *;)

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