What Time Helps Us Forget

Time helps us forget. We forget things we want not to remember. We blank out unpleasantry. This strong tendency happens automatically, particularly when we are away from the painful, ugly, or unpleasant stimuli.

Let’s remember the good things, the great things. Great meal, great game, great victories, sweet tastes, we can remember these. Can’t you almost taste, as you think back on it, that bite of a wonderful tamale or the sip of an ice cold margarita, or a nibble from your last favorite candy bar?

What’s blue, green, yellow, and wet all over (except today, when the blue is gray)? Florida! The skies have been beautifully blue. Lawn grass and flowering bushes are richly green throughout our park. The drinking water is yellow, still yellow. We’d forgotten about this. The water color isn’t much of a big deal, really. We filter it twice, as we do for all drinking water. And it is still yellow.

We told our Arizona friends we were going to spend Q1 in Florida. They all said, “Florida? It’s so humid!”

We replied, “Aw, it’s not really, not in the winter.” And we believed ourselves because we’d forgotten. We like it here in Okeechobee. We love our friends, and the pool, and the green grass, and nice weather most of the time. Time helps us forget some things, like really high humidity in Okeechobee from a year ago.

Jim and Debbie
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One response to “What Time Helps Us Forget

  1. That was so sweet. i’m enjoying your book as it gets written.

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