How did 2009 work out for Dreamstreamrs?

We realized today, with a laugh, our last year’s resolutions were almost identical to this year’s. Well, maybe they worked out well and are worth repeating. Let’s see how well we did in 2009 living our resolutions.

We resolved for 2009 the following:
# 1. Spend less
# 2. Eat healthier
# 3. Exercise more
# 4. Expend fewer non-renewable resources

We spent under our budget for the year 2009. A few of our reductions included dining, site rental, and, most notably, truck fuel. Truck fuel cost reduction was easy, just reduce towing mileage. 2008 we had very high towing mileage (18,000 miles) and fuel costs per unit were very high. We cut this greatly in 2009 (see #4), so #1 achieved.

We dined out less in 2009 and prepared more of our own meals. We ate almost no “fast-food”. We managed to eliminate pop from our (Jim’s) diet. We drank more fresh-brewed green tea. We made healthy choices for our pantry and refrigerator. We ate healthier, so #2 achieved.

Exercise was on our minds throughout 2009. First quarter we walked a lot, at least three miles a day. 2nd and 3rd quarters we were traveling and still managed to walk frequently. Not enough but we were trying. 4th quarter we went wild, playing tennis almost every day for six weeks in November and December. We managed to finish the year having had more exercise than in the previous year. #3 achieved.

Finally, we pledged to expend fewer non-renewable resources in 2009. Did we? We spent whole weeks powered only by our solar panels powering the RV’s electrical system and re-charging our pair of 6 volt golf-cart batteries. And we reduced our towing mileage by almost 9,000 miles or over 850 gallons of truck fuel. We don’t generally know how much electricity we buy is coal or gas-fired. All the energy we saved by driving less is non-renewable energy. Yeah, #4 achieved.

So our resolutions worked great for us for 2009. We hope we’ll do as well in 2010.

Jim and Debbie
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2 responses to “How did 2009 work out for Dreamstreamrs?

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to the American Dream ‘Streamers. Great blog post. Nice to see your route for ’09, too. Bob and I did pix for the New Year’s Bash here at T.P. Over 500 photos. Now we’re edging much closer to your 75 F. Feels pretty durn good…

    • Have we goofed? It is only 54F in Okeechobee, our third consecutive day of less than Paradisey weather. Jim starts playing golf league Tuesday, another cool day forecast. Luckily his tee time is after 10:00 so the frost (yes, frozen dew) will be gone.

      500 photos? We rarely take so many in an entire month, unless we forget and leave the camera’s motor drive on. Then we have oh so many pictures to choose from — a good thing but so much work.

      We miss you guys — why don’t you come to the land of blue-green-yellow? Just kidding!

      We’re doing fine and settling in, looking forward to playing tennis a few times this next week, and watching Boise State whip the horned frogs of TCU in the Fiesta Bowl tomorrow. Go Broncs!


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