Happy New Year

We celebrated New Year’s Eve testing our resolutions before we conceived them. We ate at home, drove very little, spent nothing, and played tennis together. Later we enjoyed a candlelight dinner of grilled steak, salad, and broccoli, and discussed our resolutions for 2010.

The best way to attain compliance on any resolution is to tell others about it. You make yourself more accountable when you pledge, over and over again, yourself to your new goals.

We’ve already spilled the beans but let’s review the resolutions again.

  • 1. Spend less,
  • 2. Drive less
  • 3. Exercise more
  • 4. Reduce our RV’s weight
  • Eating at home exemplifies resolutions #1 and #2. Never mind we almost always eat at home, this is still a good resolution for us. We think we have better food at lower cost and without driving by staying home for dinner.

    Jim played doubles yesterday morning while Deb walked over two miles. We played tennis together yesterday afternoon, our second day in a row (and a good thing too, since it’s raining today). Resolution #3 is good for our hearts, minds, and bodies, and is especially fun together.

    Resolution #4 makes more sense than you might think at first. We can reduce or avoid costs by reducing wear on our trailer. Imbalanced or overweight trailer conditions can impair driveability and increase wear on some parts. We have a few opportunities to reduce our trailer’s hitch weight through eliminating extra books and paper goods (from the front book well) or by moving more from the trailer to the truck.

    Not too many resolutions and four we can work on together. This ought to work. Since we told you we know you’ll help us. Invite us over for dinner, give us a ride, exercise with us, and let us share our stuff with you (or maybe you’ll carry it around the continent for us?).

    We watched Twilight Zone episodes back-to-back after dinner until close to midnight. And we raised our glasses in a toast to ring in the new year.

    Today we are watching the Rose Bowl Parade (on any of about a dozen channels) and listening to the rain pounding down on our aluminum roof. We hope you are dry, happy, and safe wherever you are.

    Happy New Year!

    Jim and Debbie
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    locate us here

    ©2010 Dreamstreamr


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