Don’t put those blankets away yet!

Making the bed this morning we had to chuckle at ourselves. We sleep most of the year with a sheet and comforter on top. We designed our bed linens set so we can flip the set over and have a light blanket on top, instead of the comforter. We don’t remember the last time we put the light blanket on top and the comforter under us. But we’re ready, if we ever find ourselves in weather too warm.

Sometime after midnight this morning Deb awoke. She was cold and pulled another blanket and covered us. Yeah, it was forty degrees outside, forty-four inside, just a little chilly for only one blanket. But it was so nice yesterday, our first day in Lake Okeechobee, Florida. The high temperature was around 72 degrees. We arrived and checked in early at Ancient Oaks park, set up camp, got out the golf clubs, played tennis, and went grocery shopping.

It was nice enough outside we walked to the clubhouse and soaked in the hot tub awhile, talking to Rex from Michigan. Then we hit the showers and returned home to grill supper. After a really nice dinner of salmon, salad, and coconut cream cake (fresh from Debbie’s mom), we played Rummikub until we just crashed. And it still felt warm — we’re in Florida, for Pete’s sake. But it sure cooled off later.

We’re glad to be here. This is a pretty park. We already caught up with a few friends and good neighbors, and look forward to renewing friendships with many more. Our tennis racquets still work. Jim was able to dig out his golf clubs and hopes to find his way to the driving range later today and a few more times this week. We’ll have some warm afternoons, some very cool nights sometimes. It is Winter, after all.

We’re still chasin’ 75 degrees, I guess, until we find it. Until we do, we’ll keep the blankets within reach.

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3 responses to “Don’t put those blankets away yet!

  1. Glad to hear youall are back at the ‘Oaks’!!

    Enjoy the warm weather. It’s going to be 12 here on Friday morning. I can hardly wait!!

    • Barry, You are saying 12 Celsius, so that would mean 50 Farenheit, right? Just kidding, we know it gets colder where you are. So why are you still there? Come on down. We’ll look forward to seeing you again in 2010.


  2. Burrrrrrrrr–but happy that you are happy to be back in Florida. We miss you. John Gleason asked about you on Sunday. Kate (of Kate and Rand) and I went shopping today. I got two quilted Christmas throws from Sears for $1.99! (Had to sign up for two credit cards to do it.) But what a bargain. Should have probably bought more stuff. Saw a huge owl when I took the Tulip for her first walk before sunrise. See, since I don’t have an oven to fuss with I have time to see the wildlife. :) Hope the cold nights won’t last very long for you. Hugs!

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