Still Chasing 75 Degrees?

You might think we’re avoiding 75 degrees, instead of chasing it. We seem to repeatedly stop in chilly places. In fact we would not have guessed we would stay so often in places cooler than 70 or 75F degrees. We really aren’t trying to find cool weather but our travels sometimes lead us to great places temporarily cold.

Our Minnesota visit was lovely (hmm, less warm now) and our Tim Horton’s Trans-Canada Tour was mostly very comfortable, temperature-wise. Vancouver, B.C. was right at 75F degrees most of the time we visited. Everett, Washington was nice and warm in early October with highs in the 70s when we left for Idaho.

Our first night in Idaho, just north of Boise, was snowy and we didn’t see another warm day until we arrived a few weeks later in Mesa, Az. Six weeks of great Arizona weather spoiled us — bright warm sunny days, nice cool nights, a little rain every week or two. Our traveling weather from Mesa to Kannapolis was fine, too, but not warm.

We arrived in Kannapolis just ahead of a great winter storm. We had briefly a nice snowfall yesterday, followed by sleet and freezing rain. The high temperature yesterday and today is 39 degrees, and we saw freezing last night. Boy are we glad we skipped driving on Friday — we wouldn’t have wanted to drive in the winter conditions.

We stayed in Idaho to see friends, to explore a little longer, and to see the Sun Valley Jazz Festival. Snow, ice, and very cold temperatures made it all the more interesting. We were, on our way to Mesa from Ketchum, Idaho, going to linger in the Glen Canyon and Grand Canyon areas. But the weather and temperatures were just TOO interesting, and we didn’t want to winterize our home while living in it.

We’re not trying to find cool or cold weather, it just happens this way. Our next travels, we think, will again take us to warm weather. Until then, we aren’t here for the climate anyway. We’re here to celebrate the season with family and friends, no matter the weather.

We’re still chasing 75 degrees, when more important matters allow.

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4 responses to “Still Chasing 75 Degrees?

  1. Gee. Oh. Uh, welllll.
    Guess all I can really say is: brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    • Aw, it’s not so bad — sun came out today and outside temp soared to 45F. Ice on roof not melting yet on north side of parents’ house. We’re keeping our Airstream a balmy 50F at night. Hasn’t been below 30F yet, but weather-guessers calling for mid to high-20s for next several nights. Maybe we’ll see a white Christmas yet.


    • Okay, Bob, short and sweet does it — Not too much rubbing in of the high temp of 73 today, or the forecast low of 50 for Mesa tonight. Only about thirty degrees warmer than us. But hey, we can throw a pan of cookies in the RV’s gas oven and warm it up right away, right?

      Keep us posted!


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