“The weather isn’t usually this _______.”

Our first week or two in Mesa, AZ, folks told us, “It’s not usually this hot in early November.” This past week the same folks told us, “This is much cooler weather than usual for Mesa.” All across Canada this past summer, locals told us “We don’t think we’ll have much summer this year — the weather is much cooler than usual, corn is late. We should go south.”

And tonight in Ft Stockton, TX, they tell us, “The weather here is usually warmer this time of year.” It is pretty cool, 39F. The forecast low temperature tonight is low 30s, which is okay with us — we’ll set the furnace on low and it will run a few times as sunrise approaches, just to keep the plumbing (and humans) from freezing.

We arrived this evening after thirteen hours very easy driving on as good an interstate highway as we’ve ever driven. Great pavement through Arizona, New Mexico, and our first quarter of Texas, and easy grades. Our plan was to drive 500 miles, sort of a break-in day into our 2,300 mile journey.

We left Mesa at 06:00 this morning, made it through Tucson’s rush hour without incident, slid across Las Cruces and El Paso, then discovered Texas has 880 miles of I-10. WOW! Did you know I-5, from San Diego, California, all the way to the Oregon border atop California above Mt Shasta, is less than 800 miles?

So Texas is wider than California is long. This realization may have been part of why we felt inspired to go beyond our planned 500 miles today. Everything went so well and traffic was so easy, especially after sunset, we just couldn’t stop for 681 miles. And we still have 620 miles of Texas I-10 before we get to Louisiana.

Tomorrow we will try to get through San Antonio just after morning rush hour so we can zip through Houston before their evening rush hour. This fine plan depends upon our getting up and out early tomorrow. The trailer is already all hitched up to the truck, so all we need to do is dress, brush teeth, wash faces, and climb into the truck to go.

A quick sandwich supper and showers tonight and we’re off to bed. We would write more, but really are ready to hit the sack.

And we hope we find out, when we get to North Carolina, the weather isn’t usually this NICE! A White Christmas would be fine, or an unusually warm week would be fine with us.

But whatever the weather, we suspect we’ll hear folks say, “The weather isn’t usually this ________.”

See You Down The Road!

Jim and Debbie
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4 responses to ““The weather isn’t usually this _______.”

  1. 13 hrs. driving! That’s a lot! Did you share time at the wheel? Stopovers, Wal-Mart, Cracker Barrell? Here in MO it is also usually more _______, also.

    • Richard,
      We think 100 miles is usually enough for one day, so we’re banking these extra miles for the many days we won’t be traveling in Q1 2010. Ha Ha.

      Debbie and I split the driving, two hours each at a time. No stopping except for gas every 300 miles and for pit stops to stretch and vent.

      Stayed last night at Wal-Mart. Read today’s blog (12/16) for update on how today went, where we’re staying, and how we thawed about it all.


  2. Wow!! That’s a long time behind the wheel. The most we’ve pulled is from North GA to Okeechobee last year, a little over 600 miles, and it took me a couple of days to get back to normal.

    Wishing you God speed and a wonderful Christmas!

    • Yeah, Barry, we weren’t going to do this except in emergencies. Well, we had a tennis emergency. Instead of leaving Mesa, AZ, at end of four weeks we extended for an additional two weeks to play more tennis.

      Now we’re driving just a wee bit harder than originally planned, eh? But this really isn’t so bad, certainly not as bad as driving to the airport, finding parking, getting the bags to the check-in, standing in line interminably, then waiting for security and making a couple of tries to get through that checkpoint, then waiting for boarding, then waiting on the tarmac, then flying sitting too close to people you might not want to know, then waiting to deplane, then waiting to get your bags, then the drive to your destination. Which is worse? We’ll prefer to be driving 13 hours together anytime, thank you.

      Thanks to you both for your note, and Merry Christmas,


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