What in the world is that noise?

Supper just ended, we were enjoying the warm glow from great home dining. Sit and talk a while, and relax before we start the things we need to do next. We can do dishes, update the blog, play a few hands of cards, maybe enjoy ice cream and fresh-baked oatmeal-raisin cookies. But first let’s just sit awhile and talk.

We are parked in a Camping World, Boise, service/sales courtesy area. Pretty nice, this “camping” area. We have 30/50 amp service (much more than we can use), a level site, cannot see the Interstate I-84 and are a block away from the city street accessing this lot. Our RV is tucked between a slightly taller and longer trailer for horses and a much taller motor home.

This feels alright. Chalk up another courtesy camping experience — Wal-Mart, Cracker Barrel, and now Camping World. We’ll take Camping World as the best of the three judging on three hours experience (hmm, maybe you should check back with us for an update after a full night experience here?). We have this full power and a protected parking slip, this is pretty nice.

But then a couple of pickup trucks pull into this parking lot — we see them zip across our front window toward the Camping World gated sales lot. We were finishing supper and ignored them. But as we were relishing the remains of the moment, admiring our empty plates, one of the trucks zooms past again toward the street.

Then we hear a sort of roaring noise. Only from the back of our trailer comes this enveloping sort of whooshing noise. Jim runs back (yeah, two whole steps) and tries to catch what just flew by. Maybe the truck was spinning tires on the wet pavement and we, oddly, heard it? Oddly because we aren’t hearing cars driving by otherwise. Oh well, it’s over.

In a minute or so here comes the noise again. Okay, we both rush to the back of the trailer to investigate. Good thing we aren’t a Bambi 16 footer or a 13′ Casita or Boler — we would surely have tipped it. Just about the time we arrive at the bedroom, the noise subsides. We return to the kitchen and then we hear it go by again. Is it interference in our XM radio station? We aren’t hearing it from the front speakers, so unlikely.

We are in Boise, Idaho, for at least tonight and hopefully no more than two nights in hopes Camping World can remedy our refrigerator malfunction. You might remember our experience at Bucars RV near Calgary to have our refrigerator checked out. The RV refrigerator will operate flawlessly on propane but doesn’t know when to quit when on shore power.

This turned out to be no big deal for our summer’s camping — we stayed in Canadian Provincial and National Parks throughout almost our entire Canadian experience except when a horrific storm drove us from Canada’s Glacier National Park into a nearby private park and when we visited Vancouver, BC, for a week. Our fridge stayed on gas our entire Tim Horton’s TransCanada Tour and would have anyway except for the two brief stays in private RV parks.

We stayed in beautiful Bay View State Park near Mt Vernon, Wa, and in a pair of Washington state national recreation area’s campgrounds, one in the Cascades North and one near Coulee Dam. In the latter two we had no hookups and so no choice but to run the fridge on propane. What we’re saying is, this hasn’t been much of an imposition to have a fridge operating only on propane and not on 110v electric.

Our friends, Bob and Faith Simms, invited us to visit them in Garden Valley, Idaho. We arrived at their house Friday after a very nice and beneficial drive through Spokane (I’ll get back to that) and an interesting couple of days in Clarkston, Idaho (and I want to tell you later about this too).

We have enjoyed a couple of very relaxing, if much cooler than anticipated, days in their small riverside RV park. Both nights have been close to 31 degrees, and today’s high was 45 degrees (Bea, I have now stopped dual (F and C) temperatures :-) And we awoke to snowfall gently and wetly falling on our RV. If it was dryer it would have been a dusting — it wasn’t dry at all.

Jim and Bob spent a good part of the day sitting by, and feeding, Bob’s outdoor fireplace and talking. Debbie made oatmeal-raisin cookies in our little oven, and caught up on our bookkeeping. And we hitched up and left for Boise a little after 1600 hours so we could locate our spot and set up in Camping World’s courtesy spots before dark.

Our service appointment is tomorrow morning and we are full of hopes they will detect the problem promptly and accurately and have the parts on hand and repair our fridge. If not, we’re still on propane — no problem.

What about the mystery noise emanating from our bedroom? A noise like this could drive us batty. We hear little noises from time to time. We recognize most of them soon if not at first. Some noises we don’t perceive until the radio is off, the lights are down, and we are putting our heads on the pillows. The quietest time of the day — and then a clicking noise, or a drip, or a rattle or squeak starts. And Jim will listen a minute or two and hop out of bed to track it down.

Luckily this noise continued long enough for us to resolve before bedtime. Jim was staring out the upper porthole window in our washroom and spots Camping World’s lawn sprinklers irrigating the lush grass behind the adjacent motor home. He quickly realizes the water spray from the revolving irrigation sprinkler is periodically and regularly cycling the rear exterior of our Airstream’s aluminum skin and resonating with a smooth whoosh sound. Mystery solved!

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2 responses to “What in the world is that noise?

  1. What a delightful mini mystery. I ‘laught’ and had a good time reading your adventure, which I can hear in your voice (in my head).

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