Farewell, O Canada

Our longest time out of the States draws to a close. We finished this visit with Eleanor (well, and with her mommy and daddy) this evening and tomorrow morning head for Mt Vernon, Wa. We entered Canada from northwest Minnesota (bound for Winnipeg) six weeks ago. Our Canada exploration and discoveries have been interesting and fun.

Did you know Canada is larger than the States? Not in population (only 33 million), certainly not in GDP (hey, gdp isn’t as important anymore, just ask Sarkozy) but in land area Canada is second only to Russia, and a little larger than the States. So we have barely scratched the surface, visiting only four of the thirteen provinces and territories (we need to stop sometime and count the states we’ve visited). We hope we can have many more exploration opportunities in Canada.

The most interesting part for Jim has been tracing the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) from its crossing of the Red River to its Pacific terminus in what the CPR General Manager in 1886 decided should be called Vancouver, named after the early European discoverer. Along the way Jim greatly enjoyed reading a book about CPR by Pierre Berton called The Last Spike. The CPR created a backbone for Canada’s western expansion and was instrumental in a variety of interesting social, political, and business developments.

Debbie’s favorite parts have been the Rockies, the gorgeous scenery and the time with Eleanor & Kelsey & Stephen. We’ve had Eleanor full-time this weekend and she has been a joy. She gets us to spend more time at playgrounds and parks than we would otherwise, and we play camping too.

We’ve both enjoyed looking for wifi at Tim Horton’s Restaurants across Canada. There is one more we’ll try before we quit Canada, the one in Aldergrove just above the border crossing at Lynden, Wa. The search may be fruitless but it is a lot of fun. We’d collect photos of our Tim Horton’s Restaurant visits but they all look almost identical. And the pastries and coffee are equally good at all of them.

We’ll stay a couple of nights in Mt Vernon then eastward to cross the Cascades and south to Coeur d’Alene and Boise. We’ll stay near Boise a week then attend the Sun Valley Jazz Festival before we head for Mesa, AZ for November. We’re looking fwd to Thanksgiving with Jim’s brother in Scottsdale before we turn east for the cross-country cruise to Charlotte for Christmas.

Check out our website if you haven’t recently — and check back here, we’re soon going to feature a recent analysis we did of another RV, a self-contained and self-powered class-C with four beds and more storage.

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2 responses to “Farewell, O Canada

  1. Jim & Deb, I’ve really enjoyed the posts of your tour of Canada. The pictures are stunning and the narrative is good reading. Glad you didn’t encounter any bears up there!
    God speed, and happy trails upon your return to the USA.

    • Gosh Barry, we sure enjoyed taking the pictures and hope the narrative brings it alive for us when we reread it later. We are selfishly writing all this for ourselves, and you help keep us honest by letting us know how we’re doing.

      We’re glad to be back in the States although, oddly, it feels lots colder down here. Maybe we should turn north again? Nah, we’re on our way south now. A little time in south Idaho then off to Phoenix for November.

      See You Down The Road!


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