Vancouver walking

It may not always be perfect, but Vancouver has really nice weather this week. We arrived Wednesday after another rainy driving day through Whistler. And like last year we find this a super place to visit. It takes a couple of days to get used to driving in this huge city (metro Vancouver 2006 census was 2.2 million). We drive across the city’s center every day and return late evening from Kelsey’s and Stephen’s house.

Touring Van Dusen Gardens

Touring Van Dusen Gardens

We walk a lot here. Yesterday we walked the Van Dusen Garden for hours. The day was wonderful for this and the two brides having evening weddings in the Garden were fortunate for the weather. The garden was sited 35 years ago upon the former golf course grounds of Shaughnessy Heights Golf Club, and the Golf Club moved west. The Van Dusen Garden is a delight and we all enjoyed the afternoon.

High rise residences and offices

High rise residences and offices

View of bay from Robson St

View of bay from Robson St

Today we walked from Dusnmuir Street, in front of BC Hydro headquarters over to Robson St then northwest along Robson Street almost to Stanley Park. This is such a big city, chock full of high rise residence buildings and office buildings. Here and there you can catch a glimpse of the bay, or you look up and see nothing but tall buildings reaching up to the sky.

Enjoying Capers Organic Food Fair

Enjoying Capers Organic Food Fair

We might have walked longer but encountered the Organic Food Fair at the West End Capers Store at Robson St and Nicola. Great food odors had weakened us all along Robson, as we walked past Greek, Mexican, Italian, Viet, Chinese, Japanese, and other nationalities restaurants. When we stumbled upon the Organic Food Fair we found samples of yogurts, fruit and nut bars, organic corn chips, matcha tea, and vegetables. And for one loony each (a Canadian dollar) we purchased huge ears of cooked corn. This took care of lunch and used up some of our walking time.

We hustled fifteen blocks back up the hill to our truck to find our parking meter out of time. A nice drive through Strathcona neighborhood skirted downtown and back home to Kelsey’s and Stephen’s house. Everyone settled down for quiet time to read, nap, or write a little. Debbie was first to spring alive and cooked us supper, a wonderful shrimp and grits recipe she has enjoyed cooking many years.

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