Hike the Louise Creek Trail

August 24 Tuesday
The low outside temperature last night was 38 degrees Farenheit. This is the coldest we’ve seen in summertime Canada but no surprise for over 5,000 feet above sea level. We slept warm by keeping the RV to 49 degrees with a little ceramic heater. In another week we are camping without hookups in Yoho National Park and, if it is cold outside, we will be adding another blanket on the bed.

Last night the trains didn’t awaken us. We only heard the trains passing by if we were already awake. Deb awoke sometime during the night and found the refrigerator was 30 F. She left the fridge door open a few minutes and turned the fridge off. When we finally got out of bed, the fridge was still 33. We might not turn it on until this afternoon sometime, and will not leave it on when we go to bed. Not too tricky, just one more non-automatic thing to manage. Our milk is occasionally laced with ice flakes. We’ve lost some lettuce, but not all of it.

My first camper had a very tiny refrigerator. It was a 1970 a VW Westfalia and had an icebox under the sink. The icebox was cooled with, you guessed it, a block of ice on the top tray. The icebox kept things sort of cool and nothing cold. So our current situation is not really so bad. After five hours hiking today we returned to the RV and found the refrigerator, although turned off the entire time, still shows 38 F degrees. Wow!

picture of Louise Creek Trail

picture of Louise Creek Trail

We hiked along Bow River Trail to The Station Restaurant, then up Tramline trail to Louise Creek trail to Lake Louise Lakeshore trail. Each trail has clear temporary signage warning of current bear activity in this trail’s area. We saw no bears and don’t half mind. The Lake Louise water is clear and an incredible aquamarine color. We were able to take several good pictures of the lake. The best pictures do not include Chateau Lake Louise, in our opinion.

Picture of Lake Louise

Picture of Lake Louise

Our ascent was almost 700 feet from the our RV site to Lake Louise. We sat a little while on the lawn of Chateau Lake Louise, a very large lakeside hotel, to eat a pack of Nabs before we started the return trail. After hiking up to, and halfway around, LL, we would gladly have accepted a ride down the hill. We’ve gotten soft. We had completed only 8 km and felt completely walked out. Not suprisingly, we made the return trip a little faster. It was all downhill. Our hike was 16 km (9.6 miles) round trip.

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2 responses to “Hike the Louise Creek Trail

  1. Nice pictures! As you didn’t mention it, one has to assume you didn’t go swimming in Lake Louise!!

    You were on track of swimming in most of the waters in North America. Cold water is invigorating!!! Susan went for a dunk in 52 degree water recently, but can’t say she really enjoyed it!

    • Barry,
      I almost did — just didn’t get around to it. We do dip our toes in all the lakes, and I keep meaning to take one of my good pocket thermometers with me to measure the temperature. I will, I will. Then I can make some excuse for not swimming these beautiful places.


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