Little pleasures in our little home

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to keep us interested. Today it’s the toilet and the power converter. Sunday afternoon we replaced the converter/charger with a nifty new PDI 9260c. Yesterday we used a kit from Dometic Sealand to restore the toilet flush ball and seal.

Debbie and I were sitting in the living room, reading quietly. Suddenly the ceiling fan in the bedroom noticeably increased its speed. I jumped up and ran to the bedroom (five steps) and checked the voltagle meter. The voltage had increased to boost level, 14.4 volts. Our converter/charger owners manual explains, every 21 hours of storage mode the unit would boost the voltage to the battery for fifteen minutes to stir up the electrolyte and keep the battery conditioned.

I set a timer for fifteen minutes. Sure enough, the ceiling fan slowed to normal and the voltage returned to 13.2 volts right at the fifteen minute mark. How cool is this? I don’t have to tend the converter/charger at all — it is just as automatic as they advertise! Okay, this is pretty cool.

And as we would occasionally visit the washroom we would exclaim “There’s water in the toilet!”. It may be no big surprise for most homeowners to find water in the toilet. In fact you would be very surprised if you found the bowl empty. For the past month we’ve not seen water standing in our toilet. This is not as big a deal as it could seem. In fact, on driving days we don’t want any water sloshing around in the bowl — it can slosh right out into the washroom.

The rv toilet flush ball seal is five years old. We found the flush ball and seal couldn’t hold water in the bowl because of crusty deposits. A completely dry bowl doesn’t seal the holding tank smells out as well and also contributes to the bowl smelling a little worse. We seem to use more water to rinse and flush, to compensate for the bowl not staying wet. Finally we had a chance to ask the factory experts about this while we visited the WBCCI Rally in Madison.

We purchased a replacement seal and cleaning kit from Dometic Sealand, and were really glad they were at the vendor show at the International Rally in Madison. We were ready to remove and refurbish the toilet. But at the last minute, we decided to try the cleaning kit instead. We used the Sealand acid cleaner and flat brush to scrub the seal and ball interface. After less than twenty minutes scrubbing around the interface between the ball and seal, I had worn out two of the supplied scrubbing sticks. Bunches of calcified grit had scrubbed loose from the seal’s surface.

We rinsed everything out using the helper spray. Wow! The bowl and ball were super-white. And the toilet held water for over a minute. Well, that was just the first test. We set a timer for ten minutes. Yep! Still holding water, this is one big deal. We walked away, pretending not to be watching. Later, when we returned, the seal had still held the water in the bowl. Isn’t this just too exciting?

So two projects in two days, we’re streaking through the list here. No projects on the list for today, I’ll catch up on some website maintenance and reading and play some golf. Debbie is working on updating our anti-virus program. It’s a struggle, not behaving well at all. We’re pretty sure all the fault lies with Windows Vista. Nothing goes well with this OS.

I’ve claimed before our home is low-maintenance. Even with the past two days projects I still maintain this is a lot less work than a sticks and bricks home. We have to pay attention to what needs attending. We have some regular maintenance items like checking the tire pressures, cleaning the solar panels, lubricating the latches and awning arms, and replacing the occasional popped rivet in the interior ceiling.

None of the maintenance work requires more than an hour, and it is a rare week we have more than one such maintenance item per week. This leaves plenty of time for golf, sightseeing, watching the water level in our toilet and monitoring our battery charger’s performance. Did you think anyone could take so much pleasure in these little things?


One response to “Little pleasures in our little home

  1. Andy & Barb Selking

    Glad to see you two can fix things. We will be calling on you to help us when the toilet in our trailer doesn’t hold water. We to had to replace the converter we used the same one you did and we are sold on it. It works great. We are enjoying reading your stories.
    Andy & Barb 6062

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