Meeting’s End

The 52nd WBCCI International Meeting and Rally ended last night after a stirring performance by a piano, flute, and drums trio named Ivory & Brass. Ivory & Brass perform at Sun Valley Jazz Festival and, we’ve heard, even better groups do too. So we’re planning to attend this fall.

It’s time for this Rally to end. We fulfilled our work commitments, received our money’s worth in services and entertainment, and have loved greeting old friends and meeting new ones. A few we’ll see this fall. Some we might see next February, many we won’t see until next summer in Gillette, Wyoming, the site of the 53rd WBCCI Rally.

We decided Friday afternoon where we’ll next go. Camping World is (we hope) shipping a part to us to upgrade our RV’s battery charging system. They required a shipping address (of course) so we decided upon a campground in Minnesota. Okay, we’re heading to Minnesota when we leave Madison.

Madison is still largely unexplored territory for us, though. We have been occupied chiefly with the WBCCI rally and activities including the two seminars we presented (on full-timing) and with Debbie’s demanding task of coordinating distribution of all the competition awards. So we’ll hang around Madison for another few days before heading north and west.

I have to go for now, we’re on our way to First United Methodist downtown Madison. They have a super breakfast at 8:15 followed by a musical meditation period before worship. We’ve enjoyed it the past two Sundays and want to visit one more time. See you down the road!


5 responses to “Meeting’s End

  1. Richard Hunt

    Our first WBCCI International Rally/Convention is behind us now. Seeing our friends from the Landmarks West Caravan made it a great experience. We appreciate your Seminar on Full Timing, and look forward to seeing you “down the road.”

  2. Great work on your seminars!!! Absolutely the best for us as we’re getting ready to full time it. We’re in LaSalle, IL, today doing chores. Madison was our first WBCCI convention.

    • Red,
      We’re so glad you enjoyed as much as we did. Check our web pages at too. We have updated much of it this year, and try to continually improve the story and lessons.

      Now we’re considering how to vary the seminars for next year’s International Rally. Keep us posted, you may become Exhibit #1.

      Thanks again for letting us know.


  3. Glad youall had a good time. I’ve missed your writing! We just upgraded to AGM batteries, and a Xantrex 3 stage charger that I installed without burning our unit up!!
    I hear Minnesota is nice this time of year. Happy Trails and God bless!

    • Barry,
      You’re going to really like the new Xantrex converter/charger. I know you enjoyed getting it in and working without starting any fires. Always gratifying! I put an AGM in our previous trailer and really liked it — I had it under the bed, so wouldn’t settle for any venting battery. The AGM was great. See you down the road.

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