Through the north, darkly

The Airstreams are lined up in their placesWe arrived yesterday at the Dana County Fairgrounds in Madison, WI, for our WBCCI 52nd International Meeting and Rally. We might be the 400th Airstream to arrive, there are a lot of “early workers” already encamped. It was fun to again greet and visit friends we’ve not seen in months or, in some cases, in almost a year.

For the second time in as many travel days we’ve driven under the threat of “severe thunderstorms capable of large hail and dangerous lightning with damaging winds up to 60 miles per hour” (NOAA weather alert radio). The skies were ominously dark and the rain as hard as we’ve driven in for a very long time.

Really dark skies weren't very welcomingWe decided it was in our best interest to plow through, expecting the storm would behave as predicted. National Weather Service stated this storm was traveling west to east at thirty miles per hour. Okay, we’ll slow down, put on our 4-way flashers, and try to not travel into the heart of this big mess.

Our travel was on county roads all day, so we had very little traffic in front or behind us. Driving 40 miles per hour affected no one but us, and this speed felt most comfortable for almost one half-hour. Before long, the storm moved off to the east and we were in the clear for the rest of the easy drive to Madison.

Madison was easy to navigate following our club’s driving directions from the June edition of the Blue Beret magazine. We’re glad to be here and looking forward to an excellent rally.


2 responses to “Through the north, darkly

  1. Glad you made it to Madison. Hope the severe weather doesn’t visit there. We won’t be there. Census job made me cancel our registration. We leave here next week to join the Nor by Nor East Caravan.

    • Randy,
      Any job is helpful right now. We’re trimming expenses every way we can. Weather has turned nice in Madison. Sorry we won’t be seeing you & Pat here.

      Hope you have a safe trip up and a great caravan. We look fwd to Nor by Nor East some year.


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