What’s better than a perfect day watching PGA golf?

We went today to Charlotte’s own grand PGA golfing event, the Quail Hollow Championship. My brother, Chuck, and stepfather, Dow, and I spent today at this PGA event at Charlotte’s Quail Hollow Country Club.

We watched several groups teeing off from number 4 tee. I was impressed by the accuracy of these professional golfers on their drives. These guys were driving almost three hundred yards, and 2/3 of the shots were landing the same spot on the left corner of the fairway. This gave them the best shot to turn the corner to the green. I could hit the ball all day and, even if I could hit so far (which I surely cannot), I would never find the accuracy they can hit with most of their shots.

I’d show you a picture but the tournament operators prohibit private cameras during the competition rounds. Let me describe my impression for you. I’ve played golf courses all over North Carolina and in Georgia, Florida, and Colorado. Quail Hollow Country Club, at least on day 1 of this Championship, is unquestionably the most beautiful golf course I have ever seen. I wonder what it would look like (other than a lot shorter distances) from my tee boxes than the ones the professionals were using today.

We left the fourth tee box and watched the golfers coming in to the third green. We enjoyed seeing the golfers hitting their second shots at the green from around 130-150 yards out. Most of them hit the green, and a few put the ball within one putt from the hole. We watched two groups here and left to search for the signature par 3, number 17.

This par 3 is 217 yards across water and the green has water on the left and sand on the right. We saw one of six golfers land in the water and none in the sand. Again, this is pretty amazing accuracy for a 217 yard shot. At 217 yards I will hit the ball straight, or left, or right. It might go 217 yards but probably will go 100, or 150, or 175, or 200. But it might go 217 yards. Then it may roll away and still find water.

These golfers, though, hit the green and the ball stopped on the green. Makes me wonder what club they were hitting. Maybe a de-lofted five iron? Oh well, never mind. I’m de-rating all my clubs anyway. The longer I hit, the more trouble I can find. Straight is good. How did we start talking about pro golf club distances? I thought we were talking about the 2009 Quail Hollow Championship.

The day was beautiful, the players well-dressed, the crowds were well-behaved, and my beer was $6.75. No telling how much a bottle of water would have cost. And the day was fantastic. We enjoyed traipsing around between the spots and crossing several fairways (under the Marshalls’ supervision). At each green and tee location we easily found shade. And yes, we even saw Tiger Woods as he was leaving the ninth green. The only thing better than a perfect day to watch would be a good day playing golf.


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