I’m sitting outside our Airstream and surrounded by Airstreams at the WBCCI Region 3 Rally. The sun set ten minutes ago. This is my favorite time of the day and always has been. The air is cooling, soft breezes are blowing. Today’s activities are complete and we’ll enjoy quiet time together this evening.

The only noises are a neighbor’s rooftop air conditioner motor and the dripping water from its condenser, and the almost constant truck tire noise on Interstate 75. Sometimes the trucks make more noise as they run caravan-fashion down the interstate. Then the traffic lessens a little and I can hear the smooth and steady hum of the condenser fan working atop my neighbor’s trailer.

We talked today about some of the many travel opportunities we have for 2010. North America holds a zillion fabulous travel destinations. Our Airstream owners’ association, WBCCI, offers numerous caravans throughout all corners and sections of North America. There are also many local or regional rallies and special activities we are interested in.

The idea of daisy-chaining a number of these caravans and rallies attracts us. We’re good managers of time, money, equipment, and activities. So why not string together a number of the best caravans and rallies throughout the year? We could start at any corner of the continent and, using our WBCCI Blue Beret magazine’s activity listings, cross the continent sampling cuisine and sights all along the way. And we would meet so many more people this way!

Why not? Because this is an attractive idea doesn’t make it a good one. We realized today we are still prone to overbook ourselves as we look forward to next year. Some of the offered activities are so appealing and provide unequaled access to camping and attractions. Then we remember we have limited time and money and don’t want to hurry through this part of our life.

So we look again, and we back away a little from the dreams. We still want to hike many sections of the Appalachian Trail. We want to visit the Florida Keys. It would be nice to take a cruise sometime. Could we return to Alaska? Wouldn’t New England and Canada’s eastern provinces be wonderful?

Someone told me once, “The Catskills are wonderful in the spring and fall.” And so many other places are, right? How many springs and falls should we plan for? Shouldn’t we hurry and get this done while we are still able?

We dream, we connoiter, we consider, we plan. Reality sets in, we reconsider, and we unplan. We want to plan less and enjoy, as it comes, what is in front of us.


6 responses to “Unplanning

  1. It was a pleasure to finally meet you this weekend at the Region 3 Rally. We admire your freedom to wander when and where you decide. We have to wait till next Thursday. You were right about the hinges on the lower compartments, and I am still interested in the door prop too.

    Keep blogging and see you down the road.

    • Beth & Matt,
      We found on-line source for the cabinet pulls, and you might also find them in HD or Lowes. And the hatch stay springs apparently are common to yachting/motorboat stores like West Marine. A little pricey at $10 for the stay, but fit the bill so ideally and we only needed one. Lifespan of the part? Equal to our Airstream, likely.

      You two are super and we’re so glad we could visit at R3 Rally in Perry. And we fully understand about waiting for weekends — we did the same for three years of Airstreaming. A coworker of mine ribbed me a lot about the pattern of my absences — at least two Fridays every month I was going somewhere with Debbie and the Dream Machine.

      Hope to see you down the road — Madison?


  2. We have been deplanning for a long time now and really enjoing it. Work is slow as is the economy. No kids in the home but still trying to guide them from a far . We are enjoying the farm, the family, and trying to stay connected to old friends. I am enjoying your blog to keep up but a call would be welcolme, especially when you find yourself so close to home. I am not a nomad and I hope that our home is always welcolme to you. As much as it hurts I still enjoy working and creating something on a daily basis and can’t envision myself turning life over to shuffelboard competition. I just had a great reunion with a group of Carolina Grads at the opening concert of the DEAD tour. Lots of fun and quite appropriate for the 70″s crowd. The music was great and for and old band they were more progressive than most newbies. We’ve still got lot of life left.. I just finished tuning up the lawn mower, replaced the blades and proceeeded to knock down my acre+ It sure felt great and sure looks great Susan replied that I must be doing it for my mental health and she is probably right. It is incredibably the best piece and quiet a man can get. “ZEN AND THE ART OF LAWNMOWER MAINTENCE” If you havent read the book then may be you need to write it. Well, need to check out now. Hope that everone is happy and that life is? ? ? ?

    • DoolieRay Brown,
      Wow, it’s wonderful to hear from you. We returned to NC today, we were in Winder, GA last night and in Perry, GA the week before. Glad to be back, will stay in Kann two weeks. With all the space you have we should make an alternative shuffleboard court. Ought to be pretty interesting.

      Yeah, I’ll call you this week, see if we can get together.

  3. Another well written article! We, too, enjoy the early evenings.
    Unlike Doolieray, mowing just isn’t all that exciting for me anymore, nor is cleaning a big house, painting, working, and a host of other things associated with being domesticated. I yearn to be the nomad I was born to be, and with God’s grace, will be someday.

    Keep up the good work, Jim. You are a good writer!!

    • Barry,
      Born to be a nomad? Hmm, does that connote genetic, or do you think it’s cultural/environmental influences creating the footloose tendency? Whichever, hang onto the dream.


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