Thunderstorms Lead to Calming Weather

Yesterday started with me trying to check in to the RV Service 40 meter Net at 0730 hours. Band conditions and a terrific local thunderstorm made this doubly challenging so I waited until almost 0830 hours and checked in through a helping, or relay, station. I reported on the number of units at this WBCCI Region 3 Rally (80) and the weather conditions (skies clearing nicely and temperatures at 60 degrees) for Perry, Georgia yesterday morning.

Debbie and I walked to the meeting hall for pastry, fruit cup, and coffee and morning visiting with other Airstreamers. Ken and Ruth Dorn had room at their table so we joined them and enjoyed talking with them and with Dottie McElvine, Ruth’s mom. It turns out Ruth’s parents were Airstreamers 25 years ago and Ruth and Ken also had an Airstream. Ruth and Ken have recently purchased their first Airstream in many time, joined the Carolinas Unit of NC, and are attending their first rally in over twenty years.

We drove to Warner Robins Air Force Base to the Museum of Aviation. The first building required almost three hours for us to browse the first two floors. As we walked outside to attend to other exhibit halls we realized our tour time was expended and we needed to return to the rally campus. We were due to present a brief seminar on full-timing in less than one hour.

So we returned, ate a fresh tomato sandwich, and walked up to the meeting hall to greet all four attendees of our small seminar. No problem, we moved to a nice round table. We presented our perspectives on full-timing for almost an hour and facilitated another half-hour of discussion on full-timing issues. We enjoyed this and think the attendees did too. This was easier with only four people and is good practice for us. We’ll be presenting to ten times as many people in Madison, WI, in two months.

Enjoyed a cookout with some friends before we walked to the meeting hall for rally announcements, merit awards, entertainment, door prizes, and nightly ice cream. Entertainment last night was fabulous, a quartet from Columbus, GA, called Wynnbrook Quartet. We enjoyed them tremendously.

Two previous nights were cooler than last night. We opened our windows a little wider and put less covers on the bed. I was really looking forward to a good night’s sleep before a golf game in the morning.

No lightning and thunder, no rain, and no strong winds buffeted us this morning. We woke up to a beautiful orange sunrise and what seems like our first calm weather. This is a welcome change, even with the likelihood of warmer temperatures and more bugs. Jim has a golf outing and Debbie will join friends sightseeing.


2 responses to “Thunderstorms Lead to Calming Weather

  1. Hmmm … I may drop in on that seminar in Wisconsin. Maybe I can pick up a few tips!

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