Airstream Region 3 Rally in Perry GA

We spent Thursday last week driving from St Augustine to Kannapolis, NC. The buyers for the Snow White, our Airstream Argosy Minuet 7.3 trailer, advised they would arrive around April 20 to pick her up. We spent Thursday evening and all day Friday and Saturday working on Snow White.

She looked so great! She cleaned up well and all her systems worked even better than we could have hoped. I already wanted to keep Snow White for ourselves and somehow, miraculously, find time to restore her to her original fit and luster. Once we finished cleaning her up Snow White became especially appealing.

Sunday afternoon the buyers arrived and were instantly smitten by Snow White. Whew! We made the sale. We spent time Sunday evening, throughout Monday and then Tuesday morning helping them learn about their Argosy trailer and preparing them to tow her back to Canada. We left for Perry GA and they left for Ontario late Tuesday morning.

We’re attending the WBCCI Region 3 Rally, an annual event, at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry GA. We arrived just yesterday evening and spent the night in the “bullpen”, the parking area for late arrivals. Almost as soon as we arrived we had a visit from our good friend, Jerry Hall.

Jerry invited us to join the crew from National Landmarks West caravan for supper. We ate in Roberta & Bruce Williams trailer with Jerry and Ann and Wally & Carol Welch. It was wonderful to be in their company for the first time since Bakersfield CA last August when we all rallied around Jerry and Ann.

And what a difference in the weather! Bakersfield treated us to day after day of temperatures over 100 degrees. Last night the wind was reportedly gusting to well over 30 mph, some rain was mixed in, and the temperatures hit the low 40s. This morning Jerry was missing one of his vinyl tire covers. It had blown 100 yards to a pond and crossed another 100 yards over the water and was awaiting him there.

This morning the parking crew directed us to our parking site for the rally, we registered, met the neighbors, and dined at the rally luncheon. We prepared a little for our presentation tomorrow on full-timing, a brief introduction on basic considerations and how to avoid some pitfalls.

We’ll enjoy mid-Georgia weather and the company of many Airstream friends in Perry GA before we head north toward the greater Charlotte area for a couple of weeks. And we hope you are enjoying pleasant spring-time weather, too.


2 responses to “Airstream Region 3 Rally in Perry GA

  1. We enjoyed hearing of the “Bakersfield Bunch” reunion at the Rally. We were at the Greater St. Louis Rally last weekend the shared the story of the melted waste hose. Bill and Mary Ann Braden were there and we enjoyed reflecting on our great Land Marks West Caravan last Summer. We need a reunion time in Madison.

    • Richard,
      It has been great having them here and we wish you and Julie also are here. May the memories of Bakersfield persevere, especially the starkest images, right? For those who haven’t seen it, here’s a link to our report on a rather dramatic failure of a sewer hose. Briefly, we were away a few hours and returned to find the hose disintegrated. We thought, at first, the groundskeepers must have zapped it with a mower or string trimmer. No, it was microwaved by Mr Sunshine.

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