Earl Leggett Olympic Games in St Augustine

This morning’s rally breakfast was omelets in a bag. If you haven’t done this, we highly recommend this clean way to cook. We sometimes microwave an egg for sandwiches or salad garnish, using a small Tupperware rock’n’serve. It’s a no-mess way to rapidly (33 seconds per egg) cook a poached egg and doesn’t mess up any cookware. The rock’n’serve Tupperware wipes out clean very readily. Whatever you do, be sure the eggs are covered well in the microwave — they pop and explode wildly in their container.

Omelets in a bag is even less mess. Break and shake two eggs in a zip-loc freezer bag. Add chopped fresh veggies, some grated cheese, some herbs and spices and gently shake again. Express all the air from the zip-loc and seal it tightly. Put your name on your creation and drop it in boiling water for eleven minutes. Voila! One gently cooked omelet with zero clean-up. Just open the zip-loc and slide the omelet onto your plate. Nothing easier, and tastes great. Works great for large crowds, just have two large stockpots of water and run them approximately five minutes apart so you don’t have to manage all the baggies at once.

St Augustine weather has been really fine this week. We have a 10 knot breeze plus strong gusts, partly cloudy skies, and low 80s temperatures daytime. Our two roof fans are exhausting the warm air and pulling less warm air in from outside. Our awning and end sunscreen were keeping the sun off the south side of the Airstream until the gusts convinced me to reef the awning. The wind gusts seemed strong enough to wrap the awning completely around the trailer if I didn’t bring it in first. No other chores for today, Life Is GOOD!

Today seems like a recovery day — We’ve been hard at sightseeing since Monday and have pretty well seen what we wanted to this week. People wander about from one Airstream to another to sit a spell and visit, then move along. We had visitors after lunch, good friends who had not seen inside our 2005 International. The guys sat outside under the awning shooting the bull. The gals were inside talking up a storm, it seemed. I don’t know who had it better but everyone seemed satisfied with the arrangement. Otherwise the day has been very quiet.
Bunch of diaper butts at "The Games"

We are relaxing in our rally site after the fierce mid-morning competitive Earl Leggett Olympic Games. The events included the following: bowling, aqua relay, javelin, discus, golf, shot put, basketball, and extinguishing the flame. All events were, of course, senior-safe. And I think no one was injured in the testing or marketing of these games. My event was javelin throw — I didn’t hear the distance but it was a bit shy of Czechoslaviakian Jan Zelezny’s 1996 World Record of 98.48 metres. I think my drinking straw, I mean my javelin, went a bit over 3 metres. This was a respectable throw, as the winner couldn’t have been over 4 metres. Debbie was a team captain, responsible for more than 13 big babies, so her hands were quite full.

Lynn prepares to drive from first tee

Lynn prepares to drive from first tee

Tonight we will hear the results. Some of the event tabulations may be quite difficult. Golf, for instance, is judged upon not only stroke count, but also the time required to “hole” the Idaho potato on five greens (0.5 metre circles chalk-marked upon the concrete). Aqua relay measures the quantity of water transferred, by spoon, from one end of the course to the other and the time required for the four members, in turn, to transport the water and return. The normally very solemn ceremony of extinguishing the flame was rather more exciting and suspenseful. Some teams’ marksmen barely managed to douse their candle’s flame with their water pistol, while a few others (most notably Larry Strong) easily cruised to a Gold Medal in one or two efficient squirts.

Group photo of Debbie's team

Group photo of Debbie's team

Oh, speaking of squirts, here is a group picture of Debbie’s team members. As I said, they were just a bunch of big babies. They cried, “Protest”, at every turn and couldn’t be mollified by even the most patient judges. Our team, on the other hand, showed great maturity, dignity, and poise. A few, though, seemed a bit proud of their assets. Their “pride” might have rapidly deflated in several instances.

Vic in a striking pose for Green Team

Vic in a striking pose for Green Team

Everyone had a good time, no one was much injured (at least not physically), and we simply will have to wait until this evening to learn the winning teams’ identity. The prize? I suspect their reward may be more than just bragging rights, they may also earn first place in the desserts line after tonight’s entertainment. Gosh, I hope my team is not first — dessert tastes much better when you’re the last one to finish.

Today has been wonderful. And Debbie and I can hardly wait to learn if our respective teams placed in The Games today. We’ll let you know another time, okay? We’re on our way to the Awards Ceremony.


2 responses to “Earl Leggett Olympic Games in St Augustine

  1. Sounds exciting. I’m not sure if I would be up to putting on a big diaper for a day!
    This rally sounds like a fun time, more so than others I’ve heard about, especially the yearly thing. I think Rich wrote about the experience one time, and I didn’t come away with much positive about it.
    I’m glad you have had a good time, and look forward to hearing about your next destination.

    • Barry,
      I should have mentioned, the games are ALL senior-safe. That is, unless their wardrobe creates some additional hazard. For example, a huge diaper might cause who knows what sort of problems. A good time was had by all, though.

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