Rain today won’t help dry conditions?

We were, delightfully, caught in rain on our way home from church this morning. The rain started as a lightly falling shower and briefly increased to a soaking rain. For the past three hours we’ve enjoyed gray skies and consistent pattering of rain on our Airstream’s roof.

Rainfall, for us, creates a different day’s plan. Outdoor living occupies a major part of most day’s activities. Our rainy day out-of-doors space includes a 7′ X 16′ covered patio, just large enough for four chairs closely spaced. Rainy days focus us on the wonder of God’s creation as we listen to liquid sunshine beating a rhythm on the Airstream’s roof, skylights, and awnings. We read the newspaper and other media and find other indoors activities.

The few little rainfalls we’ve had in the past two weeks have greened up the lawns and golf courses a little bit. And the rain provided us a little fun as we read the Scripps Treasure Coast Newspaper. Today’s local news from Melbourne reports, “Rain today won’t help dry conditions”. Doesn’t it make you think, “What, will the rain dry things out?” I read it again and realized, Of course, rain wets the conditions. Right? Boy, those editors are sharp.


2 responses to “Rain today won’t help dry conditions?

  1. Richard Hunt

    Listening to rain hitting the roof of our Airstream — priceless!

    • And the memory is even sweeter when, a day or two later, we instead are listening to the popping sounds as our metal roof attempts to accommodate the expansion/contraction needed from Sun’s intense heat.

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