Last Dance

Yesterday we had our last dance class of the season. Ancient Oaks RV Resort offers a lot of volunteer opportunities and, fortunately for us, someone volunteered to organize dance classes. Al and Darlene use video tapes and dvds with dance instructions on them, and we all watch and try to repeat what the instructors did.

One couple might seize upon the correct dance steps first, and everyone says, “Hey! They got it, we’ll watch them.” Debbie and I have learned the waltz, sixteen step polka (our best), and cha-cha. We’re not really competent in any of these and only through a lot of practice might we even be brave enough to display our new talent.

A month ago we might have had up to eight couples in dance class. Things are slowing down a little; today we were three couples. The decline in dance class attendance is representative of what’s happening across the resort. People are heading north.

Tonight was the annual golf banquet, celebrating a dozen weeks of matches and awarding prizes to the top six duos. My partner and I won fifth place and only one point separated each of the places, fifth through first. Only a few golfers were absent from this celebration. But we heard many stating they were leaving next week.

After all, if there’s no golf league activity, why would folks stay? Hmm, how about tennis, shuffleboard, horseshoes, line dancing, aerobics, card-playing and great socializing, among other activities? We’ll stay a little longer, thank you.


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