Why love Spring?

Happy Spring! Yesterday morning, for the western hemisphere, was the vernal equinox at 0744 hours EST. The day and night, yesterday, are nominally the same length.

This is singularly my favorite time of year. And not because “Spring is Sprung” or the flowers are out or the weather is changing. None of that stuff matters as much to me. I vote for Spring because the days are, for three more months, still getting longer.

How great is this? We are, today, at a balance point with the length of day and night. And for ninety more days we will see every day increasing in length a couple of minutes. This provides more daylight play time, more evening golf, more time to play shuffleboard.

We are out-of-doors people, and we generally favor daylight over darkness. The next six months provide us the best half-year of outdoor lighting in the entire year (unless we go somewhere like Alaska).

All year I find myself tracking the daily change of daylight, waning through the Autumnal Equinox to Winter, and waxing from Winter to the Summer Solstice. This is similar, on a much larger scale, to the monthly waning and waxing of the moon. I vastly prefer the waxing of the days’ length, and celebrate the waning only in interest of change and complements.

So yesterday is my day of the year — the balance point for day and night, when days are continuing to increase in length and are at midpoint in their inexorable track toward the longest day of the year. I love Spring. The continued lengthening of days supports my lust for playing outside. It’s pretty cool, eh?


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