Beach Days

I needed someone to restring my tennis racquet and we have no tennis shops in Okeechobee. The one sports store, Hibbert, told me, “We don’t do tennis”. It’s their store and they need to sell what keeps them in business. Apparently tennis gear sales won’t profit them. We also don’t have a bicycle shop, a little harder for me to understand.

Maybe there aren’t so many cowboys riding bicycles and there aren’t a lot of paved streets in the county. But there must be five thousand old bicycles in the Okeechobee resorts. This is, I think, almost certainly the fruits of having a Wal-Mart in a small town. Okeechobee formerly had a bicycle shop. Perhaps there was also a tennis shop, before Wal-Mart. It is sad a town loses so many small businesses to a mega-store, and the mega-stores can’t at all serve the same needs.

Picture of beach umbrellas

Beach umbrellas show a lot of nice colors

The closest tennis shop is in Stuart, 40 miles east of Okeechobee. And, yes, there are bicycle shops in Stuart also. We packed a lunch and our beach stuff and the racquet and followed Lucy (the garmin chick) to Stuart. The beach we sought was naught — hurricanes washed out Bathtub Beach October 2007. ( Practicing our flexibility again, we found another beach with parking and facilities and enjoyed a great day at the beach.

After a wonderful beach day we stopped by the tennis shop and dropped off the racquet for restringing. Gee, we’ll need to return to Stuart to pick the racquet up. Let’s make it another day at the beach!


2 responses to “Beach Days

  1. leave the tennis racket out near the curb for the trash pick up and get them golf clubs out and spend the time playing golf. Play 4 fun and not to see how well u score much more relaxing and no need to find shop to get tennis racket restrong. lol

    • Paul, I play tennis for fun, never could win at it. And no matter how I try to improve at golf, the game can really humble me. Every rare now and then I’ll shoot a good round. Like once in five years. And I’ll never know when another one will show up like it. But it’s so simple, just watch the little ball for fifteen or twenty seconds, right? Like I said, golf really humbles me. Over and over. And I love it.


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