Our First Launch, the Last for Awhile

This evening at 1945 hrs EST we saw the space shuttle Discovery streaking across the sky. We’ve never seen a launch sky, and atmospheric conditions were almost perfect for this one. You can see our pictures here, or at http://picasaweb.google.com/dreamstreamr/STS119Launch20090315#

and a lot of great current information from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center website here, or at

Ten minutes before scheduled lift-off, we walked to a nearby field. We sat in our chairs, facing North and readied our two pairs of binoculars and our camera.

People standing behind us saw the rocket’s flame and plume before we did, and alerted us. We had clear skies and a pretty clear field of vision, so enjoyed watching the Discovery rocket upward. We’re extremely happy we could be in Florida for this launch, and we’re proud of, and pleased for, the Shuttle team. What a great effort!

The launch was gorgeous in the clear evening sky

And the rocket's red glare . . .


One response to “Our First Launch, the Last for Awhile

  1. Great photo! We got to see a lesser launch from Melbourne when we were at the Land Yacht Harbor. What a thrill!

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