Happy Birthday Geo W9TDH

Geo Marts W9TDH is 92 years old today, 1/31/2009. He has been an amateur radio operator since the 1940s, and has helped many hams getting started.

Happy Birthday, Geo!

Tom W0TDH, one of the hams Geo elmered back in the 1950s, wrote about this in a radio operators’ forum and hams from all over the country are sending birthday greetings to Geo.

This is a copy of the QSL (or, contact) card I sent today for Geo’s birthday. QSL cards are confirmation of two-way communications between amateur radio operators. The QSL card tradition dates from at least 1916, and is very much alive.


Debbie and I have both been amateur radio operators since March 2006. I have received several QSL cards since starting long distance amateur radio communication in 2007. Until yesterday I had not created a QSL card to send to other operators I contact.

This morning at 1400 UTC I answered a call from an operator asking for response from any non-Europe station. I contacted Pierre in Sweden (Gothenburg), my first Sweden contact and only my second European contact. Very cool for intelligible wireless voice transmission to travel approx 4,000 miles.

Yesterday morning I contacted stations in San Jose, California, in Toronto, Canada and in Chelsea, Michigan. It’s time to learn to send QSL cards, eh?

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